Airbnb is asking Congress

Airbnb is asking Congress to help out its hosts, after it just hit their revenue by overriding their cancellations policies due to the coronavirus crisis

  • Airbnb is asking Congress to put in place measures that would help the small businesses and entrepreneurs that list accommodations on its site as part of the body’s broader coronavirus relief efforts.

  • The company is urging members of Congress to pass a collection of tax relief and loan-related proposals targeted at its property-manager customers.

  • Airbnb’s proposals follow its moves last week and this weekend to allow guests around the world to cancel their reservations due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Those moves overrode its hosts own cancellation policies, and the cost of them will be largely borne by property managers.


Chesky’s a little late! The hotel, airline, and cruiseline industries have had phalanxes of lobbyists working the Hill for years, and their camels have had noses inside the tent since day one.

Have I murdered enough metaphors?


Hmmm pigs snouts in troughs,?


Thank you for sharing.

For many reasons I’ve stopped watching the news this week (#1 reason anxiety provoking #2 sick of crazy politics) so I’m in a temporary news vacuum. I appreciate you sharing this article.

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