Airbnb introduces City Hosts in Beta

City-trips seem to have a different programm than Experiences.

This is the link to sign up for experiences:

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It’s not here in Miami or south florida yet. I spoke with Airbnb about this about a month ago since we have a boat and charter sunset cruises overlooking downtown Miami for a separate price. I also would love to do a kayak experience 5 minutes from my house at deering point park. Airbnb told me that they would contact me when the program begins beta testing here so I would let you South Florida hosts know.

Like hosting itself, the trip thing seems like it could be fraught with a few land mines. :wink:

Questions that come to mind… Will they get to review you? Visions of " xx didn’t provide the gluten-free, all-natural, non GMO snacks we were hoping for. Instead he had cliff bars and sodas."

What about liability/licenses? It seems to me someone providing activities would have to get licenses and insurance. What happens if they get hurt or killed? Slip and fall?

You hate to think of these things. But these aren’t friends you are taking to a local winery or disco…to the beach or to yoga. These are paying customers who come with expectations and may or may not be litigious. :wink:


This is a nice idea. I’ve hosted yoga at my house…my own guests didn’t participate, but they loved eating the snacks afterward!! haha I like it, but I actually wouldn’t hang with my own guests too much…whenever I’ve hung out with them they started to ask me for things like discounts and one girl asked if I could buy her a new mattress.

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Hello everyone!

My name is Emma J and I’m a member of the Airbnb City Hosts beta team here in San Francisco headquarters. So many great questions in this thread!

If you have specific questions about becoming a City Host or about booking a trip of your own, please email our dedicated team at We only handle inquiries regarding Airbnb Trips beta or City Hosts, so for all other questions, contact our Airbnb Customer Experience team.

Emma J


I already contacted you yesterday.
Unfortunately we have to wait until it rolls out in Europe.

But it is very nice to see that AirBnB is watching this forum.
I hope they participate a bit more, in the future, because I do not like the new communities center, with their “AirBots”.

(AirBots = AirBnB employees repeating their standardized replies, without giving real answer to the question.)



Can it be also the close family?

hahaha I know right? I don’t even bother going on there anymore.

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Thank you @Carmen! People need to know what a great place this is :slight_smile:

I sometimes think that it doesn’t have the best reputation for vacationers today. Maybe some people still think of it as spring break mayhem? (Fort Lauderdale, anyway). There’s so much to do here.

I’d love to host events for photographers with photo tours and tips on sharing work via social media.

Hi @Emmajag welcome!

I know the following questions are on top of our minds, is it possible to give more insight to the following?

  • Will there be a liability insurance for the duration of the experience?
  • Are we able to vet prospective guests before accept the city experiences (ie. probably wouldn’t want a 80+ year old grandma who never tried biking to go downhill mountain biking!).


  1. We are researching the insurance topic from a host and guest perspective.
  2. Right now, guests read the descriptions and they decide what they are up for. In the future, guests will be able to contact City Hosts to discuss any questions they have prior to booking (much like the “contact host” feature for home hosting).

I’d be interested to know whether guests would be covered if they were in our car for just a couple of miles or would we have to fix this with our own insurers? Or would that make it a ‘commercial’ vehicle rather than a private car? Tricky :slight_smile:

We also offer paddleboarding from our dock. But we use an established company that has its own insurance and licence so I’m assuming that’s OK. It would be great to extend that to offer a full ‘watersports experience’.

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@West_coast_host Can you please post the link from “See all city hosts” we can read in the picture you uploaded of the email you received? I would like to see how it looks and what kind of experiences are offering in my area. Thank you

you can sign up to the waiting list here

This is all very warm and fuzzy and romantic and a new revenue stream for all BUT Airbnb barely has regular hosting under control. Some serious liability lurking here.

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And this line bugs me: “When can I check into my home?” I saw my home repeated several times. No wonder so many guests have a sense of entitlement. No, it’s your host’s home, and they’re inviting you to stay for a fee…


I’ll let the guests hang out with me as I work my three jobs, including home schooling my three kids,one who’s still learning English, cook dinner, do the laundry, pick-up constantly, answer guest requests with their many redundant questions, handle the latest home crisis - right now the guest shower that we had added by a jerk contractor who abandoned the job is leaking all through the wall so I have to write to the guests checking in this week to let them know they may have to shower upstairs - changing bedding - and run my kids around to their activities.

Takers, anyone? :grin::grin::grin:

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Hi @AllAboutAirbnb - there was a thread about this awhile back. Some key questions were raised, specifically about whether or not Airbnb offers hosts insurance protection for these “experiences”. Taking someone surfing, cycling, or even just allowing them into your car presents all sorts of potential insurance pitfalls. Are you able to respond?


That was my question also. When you begin to play tour guide, you can open yourself up. What if you take your guests somewhere and you all get mugged? I mean, it happens anytime, anywhere. Of the guest gets hit by a car crossing the street, or falls off a bike?

(yes, I AM worst-case-scenario girl! The expert!)

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Where are you when people have problems like squatters and prostitutes and snuck-in guests? Where’s your offer for help then? But to make more money off us, you’re there in a flash.