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Nope, once it is hidden you may as well consider it deleted as no agent can reverse it. As far as editing the ONE and ONLY time we can edit a review is when a transgender person calls in and wants us to change their name in all previous reviews and MT to accurately reflect their new chosen name.


I beg to differ. The support was able to delete her review from my profile and then airbnb contacted me back a few days later and put the review back on… :cry:


I just had a three-person party leave. It was a young couple with an infant. While they were in our apartment, connected to our house, we discovered the guest drove several hundred feet to the apartment door, putting tire marks in the grass and possibly breaking our sprinkler-system piping.

My son happened to be in the main house bathroom at the time he drove back there and was shaving at about 9 a.m.

When I told the guest there was a good chance he had broken the pipe to our sprinkler system he claimed he HAD TO drive to the apartment door because the walk to the door was too dark at night–but he drove there during the daytime.

We have a pool and spa, with it clearly market on our house rules that guests could use them from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. He visited for four nights and each night texted me over-and-over to say the spa had (on a time-clock) had turned off at 8 p.m. and asking me to turn it back on for he and his wife to use.

When the day came for his departure he texted me to say they would like to check out several hours later than our 11 a.m. chekout. I told him we had a guest checking in at 3 p.m. and had to get the apartment ready for them.

The family checked out on time.

When we went into the apartment we found the “infant” had made a mess. The guests did not care and possibly even encouraged him. An infant can not walk (six months) yet there were handprints, fingerprints and face prints on the large mirror above a dresser in the master bedroom. The height of the dresser was three feet and the mirror was above that. There were scuff-marks on the dresser.

The living room rug, which had been recently professionally cleaned the week before, had stains where liquid cheese and chips had been dropped on the carpet and left there for days.

Our new 52-inch LED TV, which was on a two-foot-high TV stand, had two full hand prints, fingerprints and a face print in the middle of the screen. I took photos of these damages.

We had a guest checking in the same day, did our best to clean up the mess, apologized to the arriving guests and gave them a $20 discount.

How do we handle this as far as reviewing the guestd is concerned?


PS – It’s this type of guest that hurts others. After the smoke cleared (from my ears) I went to our listing and changed it to read, "no infants or children less than two years old.


How long ago was this and what superpowers do you have? You’re saying you were able to actually delete her review using your host account??!??!?!


@TheInsider lol no… I wish!! I meant I contacted the support and they deleted her review from my profile/listing. Then I got an email from the support again a few days later to tell me that the review was removed erroneously and they put the review back…

Update : it was actually about two weeks ago


Leave an honest review based on your experience as the host in this reservation. Everything you just stated was fine to use in a review, just recap it and make it shorter for ease of reading as most guests don’t take the time to read reviews anyways. You can potentially open a resolution center case regarding something like this in the future, just keep in mind you only have 14 days from the date of check-out on reso OR until your next guest arrives.


Thanks but I’m not sure what corrective action to take in regards to a guest who leaves "spooky house"as a review.
I’m all for improvements but some reviews should just be removed on sheer stupidity.


How proactive is Air about preventing problems before they happen?

Just say a guest broke rules and trashed the place and the host had proof. Air knows this is a terrible guest.

Now, let’s say this guest has future reservations. Would Air cancel those reservations? Would they alert the future hosts?

Even if the first host gave a terrible review, future hosts might not see it, because they already approved the guest before he trashed the first host’s place.

A related question:
Can a host cancel without penalty if he finds out new information about a guest that wasn’t there at the time of booking?

A guest books months in advance. At the time he only had a couple of good reviews, or no reviews. A few weeks before the reservation I check his profile again, and find new, terrible reviews. Can I cancel?


Makes more sense. When a host calls in to review a dispute, the first person they contact is usually a non-trip (NT) agent. That agent is just a daycare agent and will escalate the ticket to my dept who will then do a quick once over on it and determine (in their opinion) if there’s a violation. If the trip agent/case manager (T/CM) decided yes, the review is temporarily hidden/removed, sent up to Trust and Safety and they have the ultimate call on it. Reviews are very commonly reviewed by the case manager and then overturned by trust and safety because that agent was wrong and likely just not trained well/newbie.


Thank you so much for this answer! I’m not that worried about documentation or evidence - we have staff in or near the villa most of the time (our house is in the Caribbean in a country where it is still the custom for the larger homes to have staff show up regularly to cook and clean). The last set of guests that violated the rule showed up, walked into the villa, and lit up their cigarettes right in front of our housekeeper while standing in the living room.

It’s good to hear that I would be supported if I had to kick them out. We have a strict cancellation policy - if the agent does a CBG after arrival, am I correct in presuming I do not lose any rent?

Thank you so much for the help! I’m beginning to think you are a glutton for punishment since you’ve answered so many posts. but we really, truly appreciate it.


Does the Superhost phone number just bypass the hold queue, or does it go right to a trip agent/case manager?


Again, I’m here to help and appreciate the support.

If your housekeeper says they saw the guest smoke, it may not be good proof but is a great start. More along the lines of ashes and butts clearly visible inside your listing is proof any agent will not dispute but keep in mind this isn’t a violation agents can force a guest to pay because (and I don’t agree with it) it is not considered physical property damage. The only forced payment that can be made from a guest is a security deposit claim for structural or personal property damage inside the listing.

If the agent allows you to proceed in kicking the guests out (after communication between both parties, proof submitted, and agent knows the reso can’t be saved) then yes you will still be paid out based on your cxl policy so in your example, you’d get full payout.


Also keep in mind the agent may allow a kick out but do w CBA to be nice to guest and that will change your payout in very very very few cases.


Thank you for your help. It is disheartening to hear that this is so challenging to get a guest out or to stop breaking a house rule. I guess I’ll just tell my housekeeper to take a picture of the people smoking inside the house - maybe that will be proof enough.
Oh well. I am more than willing to cancel on any guest that insists on smoking in our non-smoking home if that is what it takes to protect my home from cigarette stench.
Thank you again for taking time to respond -it’s extremely helpful to know what AirBnB will and won’t do.


Thank you for the lead. Its an interesting situation - and what an ordeal… Our listing is in the Bahamas, so we dont seem to be able to File a small claim in the U.S. We contacted Fairbnbclaim dot com in Ireland. They indicated that they would take on the claim with other international claimants. I have not come across any hosts who have used them and would be interested in their experiences. After reading PuppyLover, I am also considering the option of a claim against the guest for leaving a false review and the loss of income but need to do further research. thanks


I wish Abnb would reinstate previous daily listing visit statistics that wee previously on the progress tab. They removed this graph when the new performance statistics were posted. Knowing daily visits helps us if we’re fine tune our listing to identify if more visitors are being attracted. Abnb should supplant exist info, not remove valuable hos information at its whim.


A “daycare agent”? Is that the official company designation, or just call center slang? Either way, it shows incredible disrespect for hosts with a problem. If that’s the corporate attitude someone there is infected with UberArrogance Virus, which is an indicator of a downhill slide.


I can still see this on the app


Curious if you had any thoughts on our issue?

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