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Thank you!! Yes I know it will not be enforced… This is to prevent guests from cheating and breaking rules since they are not aware of this usually. I did request this extra guest fee once and I got $90 from airbnb and another $60 from the guest out of 300 requested which was great to me. Also you said we can request the CSR to block the review from the guest in case conflict happens and we are worry to get a retaliatory review? Just confirming because the CSR I talked to last time told me he couldn’t do it…


Two questions on this:

A) Why would a host be instantly dropped for a rubber training pistol? (Which wasn’t what she said … she said I had a ‘9mm gun.’

B) (as the host in question happens to me) Are hosts dropped merely on the ASSERTION of a gun? Without investigation? That’s what happened to me, and I would love to know if basically, Air doesn’t have the $$$ to investigate squat and just bounces you off the platform.

My impression is that Trust and Safety has a decision matrix that reads:

  1. Did guest claim there was a gun?
  2. Yes? Go to 3
  3. Delist the host without an investigation of whether the guest is lying and the host is telling the truth.


I wonder if you missed my question about the 1000-word rant in a review by a guest. Maybe my question was too much of a rant! :joy:


Honestly, most CSRs are afraid to block reviews. You’d have to go “agent shopping” to get a like-minded agent as me to block reviews. Most agents haven’t been employed long enough to realize it’s something they can proactively do. All agents know the review content policy and know what they can and can not do (very little once review is posted) but only the seasoned agents will foresee a review issue in progress and have not only the experience, but the balls to block all future reviews from that reso. Every time I personally click that “block reviews” button, I have to be able to justify that to my management. As a host, just be sure to have a strong case as to why you need the reviews blocked for both parties before calling into support.


Personally, and the few whiskeys in me speaking, you are correct in the order of how things go. Trust and Safety is a very boring and very regulated department to work in which is why I don’t jump over to their realm.

Any report of ANY type of weapon that wasn’t disclosed on the listing ad (for example, it’s perfectly fine to have an arsenal of weapons in your home as long as you disclose it in your listing) means that any future reso on the host property is either CBA or CBH and future bookings are blocked. Basically as a host, you’re guilty until proven innocent. As I stated before, I can’t go too far into this subject as Trust and Safety is not my day-to-day job but all I know is: unless it’s disclosed at time of booking, if the guest complains about any weapon, best of luck being that host and you better prepare for a battle.


Thank you for all this input. This is really great help. What would be a good reason? Any example? In my case the guest insulted me numerous time and obviously the review wasn’t going to be great… which is wasn’t… all 1 stars for everything and she called me “uptight”. I am trying to get it removed for “libelous” review and defamation of character which I think it should work. But of course it would have been much easier if she has been blocked from leaving a review.


LMAO, I honestly think I missed it. It’s my Sunday and I’m a few drinks in some I’m assuming I totally missed your review question!! What’s up with it and how can I help/clarify?


Hahaha. Funny. Just scroll up aways to see it. Thank you, and cheers!


If the situation was presented to a seasoned agent as something that’s going to potentially lead to a negative review, the agent could, and should’ve, blocked the reviews for both parties. Unfortunately, if the review already took place, simply stating you’re “uptight” as a host will not be enough for any agent to remove the review as “libelous”. It would be considered the guest’s “version of their own truth/experience” and will never be deleted/blocked/edited.


So I guess no Super Soakers or Nerf guns as some wacko will report those as being a gun on property, right?


LMAO, please don’t say that or it may become the first case Monday morning I have to address!


How right you are!

I did tell the judge in my case vs. AirBNB, heard last Wednesday, that flapping in the breeze was a false review saying I had a “9mm handgun in a basket by the front door.”

Might as well put a giant billboard with an arrow pointing to my front door saying, “Break in here! Steal the ‘9mm’ in the basket!”


That’s what I thought the guest was referencing!!! Not lying (I never saw the review language until AFTER being delisted)! I had gotten one of these soakers to maybe squirt at my dog in the back alley when he barks too much!


That’s too bad. I will know better next time. My review was deleted though… I didn’t understand so I asked airbnb why and they couldn’t answer me specifically which I found odd…


First, I would like to express my appreciation for your time here so far and realize that it is a bit risky for you so that makes it even more valuable.
Hoping at some point to get a followup answer to my post #54 re MA STR taxes imposed AFTER booking process completed but realize you’re probably tired, etc.


Now I’m curious, there are only very, very, very few times we can remove a review. Do you know exactly what you said in the review??


let me find the post real quick and I’ll respond. I’m still learning this site layout and have been blown away by the responses I’ve received so far. Please bear with me, I’ll look for your comment/question now.


Hereʻs mine again, @TheInsider


I haven’t seen much information come across my desk internally for this yet. IMO, if these situations come up and the reso is already paid in full but taxes are now required by the host, I would: #1 contact guest, screenshot the information you’ve received and request those taxes by opening a Resolution Center case for the amount of taxes. #2 IF the guest refuses, or gives any pushback, contact support and explain the details to CSR. The agent will see your communication with your future guest and SHOULD decide to take a direct loss and send you the money to cover the taxes for that reservation (reso) up to $200 since that’s the amount any trip agent/case manager can take per reso without supervisor approval.


@TheInsider you are awesome. Thanks for your feedback here.

I wonder if you can confirm something I recently read on Reddit.

Reddit: Former Employee of Airbnb AMA! (ask me anything)

13 points· 12 months ago

So in short, the host guarantee is a nothing but a joke. The trust and safety team, who handles all host guarantee claims, are there to do everything in their power to not help you. They do not want to give out money, all the policies and procedures are setup to dissuade hosts from pursing the claim. They want to make it as difficult as possible, and even then they can turn down any evidence/documentation and site that it is not sufficient enough. I had many upset hosts call in and ask this question, and there was never anything I could do to help or answer their questions. … They do not want to payout hosts on these claims.

You seem to indicate that “you can get paid on a claim after a week of torture,” vs. the above excerpt, which indicates, “you are not ever seeing the Host Guarantee.”

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