AirBNB in Las Vegas

Hello, I have only been doing AirBNB for a couple of months in my Las Vegas condo. I recently got a letter from the HOA that it is not allowed and they asked me to sign some documents saying I would stop.

I am not looking for any trouble so I am willing to cancel my listing. My only question to the group is if I should keep my existing reservations which is booked solid for the next couple of months. I just dont want to ruin anyone’s travel plans and the extra couple months of income would be nice to before its completely off :):grinning:

Just wondering if anyone knows the consequences and whether or not I should sign that document. I feel like it’s just admitting guilt so I would prefer to listen to them but just not sign anything.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I think that should have been covered in the documents you signed. It seems fair to finish out the bookings you have and not take on new ones but you’d have to clarify that with the HOA.

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This happened to us with our HOA in CA after 3 years of hosting. The board did allow us to complete existing reservations which we did. If you snooze your listing it will no longer show up in searches but will still keep your current reservations. I would not sign anything, I’d just let them know your listing is no longer available effective immediately. Good luck, this is why I no longer own a home with an HOA.

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This explains your options very clearly. If in the future you find a new property where you can legally host it will be nice to have your reviews from the first property.

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I would imagine it would depend on the HOA. What would be the consequences for you if you carried on and ignored their cease and desist letter? Could you be fined? What action could they take against you?

Airbnb will tell you that you need to let them know and they will help the guests find alternatives and fine you for the bookings you can’t take. This could be a better option for your guests than you carrying on and then your HOA forcing you to stop at short notice.

Airbnb always advise you that you should always check with your HOA/council/management company to see if you are able to listing through Airbnb before you list, so might not be that sympathetic.

As @Maggieroni check with your HOA before making a decision.