Airbnb hosting after bed bug infestation review

I have not had a bad review because of bed bugs but wondering if anyone will make reservations for a home that has a review stating the property has bed bugs? Will Airbnb remove a bad review because of bed bugs if you prove you had the home treated? Looking at it from a traveler’s perspective, if I’m looking for an Airbnb to reserve I would not choose one if I saw it had previously had bed bugs.

They would not remove the review if it was factual. The host’s only option would be to reply to the review what steps had been taken and yeah I probably would be scared to book there. Unless someone had a long and strong history, they might consider just starting over with a new listing.

You can scan the certificate you were given by the bug company. Put this on your listing as the final image. You can also try to get Airbnb to remove it but, as @LoneStar says, it’s not a given that they will.

Personally I’d do nothing. The review will be on page two in no time and few people will see it.

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They will not remove it even if it is not factual.