Airbnb host research for new bathroom product - need input!

Hello! I am currently doing some customer segmentation research for a bathroom product that I’m developing. One of the potential segments that’s been identified as potentially being a great fit are Airbnb hosts / superhosts. What’s most valuable to me would be your insight and feedback. If you are open to setting up a 1:1 call within the next few days where I can ask you questions for about 10 minutes, it would be tremendously helpful.

Please let me know if you are interested - many thanks in advance!

How much are you looking to pay for a hosts time to take part in your market research interview?

Or free product as an alternative.

Making offers on an international forum… where are you?

Yes more information would be great!

Thanks so much for the replies so far. I wish I could tell you I had any semblance of a budget for market research, but unfortunately I am bootstrapping for now. I’m located in NYC. I Airbnb my apartment occasionally, but would really appreciate the better insights that a real host would be able to provide me with. If you’re able to lend a few minutes, it would be tremendously helpful & appreciated. If you’re super busy, no worries at all.

No, sorry I’ve only got time to spend on the forum making sarcastic comments. No time for market research at all.:rofl::wink::sunglasses: