AirBnB Host Refuses To House Metal Fan Because Of Their "Aggressive" Musical Tastes

From your favorite head-banger magazine:

“A Death Blooms fan attempted to book an AirBnB in the city of Bristol to catch the band’s show at the Exchange. The AirBnB host found out about the fan’s reason for the stay, and denied them service due to their ​’aggressive, expletive-riddled and disturbing’ musical tastes.”

I’m wondering what AirBnB told the band?


Wow good question. I work in entertainment and this is just surprising. On the one hand bands perform to make money and fans go to enjoy the music. On the other okay sure there they are called fans from “fanatics” but still… judging someone on their music taste to not stay feels a little like blaming video games for violence


Great idea for publicity. :rofl:

The funniest part is that loads of metal fans are my age or even older now.


I wonder what other judgements this host makes on guests and how many he declines based on his own personal biases.

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I’m just sitting here wondering how this would have gone over if it was a Jay-Z concert. Jay-Z’s music is full of violence, expletives, n-word, & demeaning to women. Even when Justin Timberline & Jay-Z collaborated the language was off-putting.

A good friend is a 67 year old head banger. Her kids just don’t understand.

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I’ve never been a metal fan, though several of my classmates are really into it, and one has kids that have a tuneless and very loud band.

My tastes are blues/r&b/swing, and I’m trying to make garage space for a homeless Hammond organ so we can have jam session down there (B&B guests will be welcome to sit in).

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Just think, when we’re in the old folks’ home, the music piped in the hallway will include Black Sabbath, Metallica, Guns N Roses, AC/DC . . .

There I’ll be, going to the dining hall with my walker to the sounds of “Welcome to the Jungle.”


Nah… Highway to Hell!


In the grocery recently, I noticed the music was what we thought of as good music to listen to while smoking grass when I was in college in the late 70’s. Now it’s just soothing old people music to shop by


Ooh, I used to blast that one to get pumped when enroute to take my dreaded 4 hours each, 4 part, CPA exams. Which is more than a bit ironic. Likely NOT what AC/DC was thinking when they wrote those lyrics . . .


You say that like it’s comforting or something :rofl:

Your age group staying for concerts (of any type) have been our absolute worst guests. Hey, remember when we were wild, let’s open that bottle of red wine in the bed, wait, oops…

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I work in the old folks homes and, unfortunately, I have to share some bad news with you.

They don’t pipe music in the hallway. They use the intercom to ask if a particular nurse is done with her break or not. It is almost always very abrupt.

Plenty of those folks in the old folks home already, and playing those bands really loud. Lots of disagreements among roommates, not so different than the first time around that they played those bands too loud with roommates :joy:

I’ve worked in the old folks homes so long. For a Iong time it was big band or be-bop (which I actually dig) or Elvis and then it happened. The switch! I knew it would. So, maybe it was 2006 or so, that I was working really late doing new evals and I had to go put an orthotic on someone on another floor and I heard it…Jackson Browne blasting down the hall from a patient’s room. And it’s been all rock and roll since then.


I live in a senior community with live music at multiple venues 365 days a year and yes, I’ve seen oldies dancing to “highway to hell” more than a few times.