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Airbnb host guarantee paid out for me! My experience with the host guarantee



I wanted to share my experience with the host guarantee, especially because I read every post I could find when I first made my claim.

Honestly, all of the posts made me extremely nervous and angry because I assumed we were not going to get paid out.

On October 31st, we had an instant booking for same-day check-in. That should have been a huge red flag but it was a brand new listing and I really needed the review. So, thinking the house guarantee had my back, I let the reservation stand.

About 11:30 p.m. that night, the neighbor send a text message to me and there was a party going on with the property.

He’s giving us a lot of trouble over Airbnb, so I didn’t really put too much thought into it at first. I told him I would message the guest and get it taken care of.

I messaged the guest, no reply. I texted the guest, no reply. I called the guest, no answer. I was a little nervous at this point but replied to my neighbor and told him that I had reached out to the guest and to let me know if it didn’t calm down in the next half hour.

in my mind, it was probably just a few people who got a little too drunk and loud. I was wrong. Really wrong.

the neighbor texted me back and said that he was going to going to call the police if this didn’t stop right away. I told him I was headed there myself and ask him not to call the police. If the police get called in Nashville 3 times you lose your permit.

I gathered up a couple of friends and we drove to the property. We were a few blocks away and I noticed there were tons of cars in traffic, not usual for this neighborhood at this time of night. We drove closer and closer and I started seeing colorful lights being across the trees.

We pulled up to the house, people are everywhere, up and down the streets, sidewalks, there are stage lights beaming out of the windows, a line of people out the door, someone charging cover to get in.

In my younger days, I went to a lot of parties, night clubs, dance clubs and none of them held a candle to this party! it was the craziest thing I could have ever imagined! There was a DJ, a full bar, all the furniture had been moved out of the house. the house has been turned into a full-blown nightclub. Since it was Halloween, everyone had sketchy masks on! It was insane.

Long story short, they caused thousands of dollars in damage. I submitted a host guarantee, there was a lot of back and forth. I do mean a lot. Multiple estimates per issue, estimates that had to be redone because I didn’t have exactly the right information on them. The whole process was very exhausting. In fact, I almost gave up.

But, I didn’t. I kept on and on and on sending in another estimate getting another quote taking more pictures. They just emailed me today to let us know our claim habd been paid out in full!

So, my advice to anyone with a claim is to provide everything they need, don’t give up! Take tons of pictures, take video, make sure all of your estimates are extremely detailed and include labor hours, materials and full letterheads at the top with the company name, address, phone number, website.

You might as well go ahead and get three estimates for each thing you’re claiming. If you need your walls painted, get three estimates. If your fence needs fixed, get three estimates. If Furniture is broken, provide a link to a replacement item and three estimates to have it repaired.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience with us. I’m happy this had a happy ending. Hope you stick around and share and learn some more. Hopefully you won’t have any other incidents like this.

I haven’t had any problems with same day bookings but I don’t have a big house, just a room attached to my home. What’s interesting is that this party was clearly planned in advance. You don’t get a DJ and hundreds of invitations out on Halloween in one day.

You absolutely must get video cameras all around your home since you are not on site. Do it yesterday. That you are depending on a neighbor who doesn’t like you doing Airbnb means you are on shaky ground.

There is also reason to believe that Airbnb won’t pay out another big claim so you want to prevent needing to make another one.


I was talking to a property manager who has quite a few airbnb’s and she said that these people plan of these parties and they don’t “drop” the location to all of their followers until the day of.

From a planning perspective, seems like a risky way to do things but I’m sure they have to do it that way because they don’t really know where they’re going to be able to pull it off.

In my case, I had drastically reduced the rates the day before, because I wanted the review.

I have had several condos in the downtown Nashville area listed and never had this issue with them. I received lots of bookings last minute from corporate business people. I’ve learned my lesson, with a large house you just can’t do it!!

Thanks for the advice. Because of this, we have already installed the new version of Point by Minut and all the properties as well as ring doorbell cameras!


The consensus here is that lowering rates lowers the quality of booking. I have to ask…did you get the review?


I learned my lesson, it was not worth it. I did not get the review!


Was this booking at either Nashville Party Pad or Timeout Tavern? If so you might want to rethink your property names. LOL.


Nashville is the bachelor and bachelorette party capital. We don’t mind if a group of 10 guys or 10 girls gets together for a bachelor bachelorette party.

There’s just no way around it. Everyone comes here specifically for that purpose.

Turning home into a nightclub is on a whole other level. But to answer your question, no, this was at the property called Germantown Spot.


I suppose. I’m glad I’m not your neighbor though, honestly.


Yeah most of our properties are in areas zoned commercial multi-use. This particular property is zoned residential. By the way, I do not own any of these properties. I just manage them.

This property is not advertised in a way that would suggest we allow parties. We do not advocate turning houses into nightclubs.

I don’t think anyone would enjoy being the neighbor in a situation like this, honestly!

The properties where we allow the bachelor and bachelorette parties are in developments specifically built for Airbnbs.


I’m glad you got paid through the host-guarantee. I’ve always been paid as well, though all I’ve ever asked for is my extra guest fee for unregistered guests. Thankfully I haven’t had any significant damage or missing items yet.

I understand the need to build up your new listing through reviews. However, there are some things you can do to prevent parties: set a 2-night minimum, don’t allow same-day bookings, and don’t allow people without a positive review to use InstantBook.

Does the unit sleep 10? Consider prohibiting unregistered guests and adding a fine for extras. Unfortunately, if you allow parties of 10 on the property, you may get parties of 100+. I don’t imagine the neighbor will be happy even with the smaller parties.


Thanks for the tips! The city regulates occupancy levels using a formula:

Bedrooms * 2 + 4

A bedroom is defined as having a window, closet and door.

So, we can only advertise this particular home as accommodating up to 10 people although it sleeps more than that, comfortably.

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