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Airbnb horror stories for guests, main problem is being cancelled on


I saw this posted on this forum’s Facebook page.

Not only is it an interesting article but clicking the links in it lead to another interesting article and I posted the link for that one separately. I

I was really interested in the travel bloggers advice on how to avoid bad airbnbs . Most of it is a no-brainer like only choose places with reviews but others like low quality photos are more authentic. I’ve highlighted the ones that I already followed (makes me feel smart).

"Mr Fergusson has 54 recommendations on his blog post, but these are 10 of his top tips:

-Never book a place with zero reviews, ideally look for a minimum of 50 reviews in popular tourist areas or 25 in quieter areas.
-Focus on reading the 10 most recent reviews and look out for any veiled or coded criticisms — read between the lines.
-Examine whether, and how, hosts respond to negative reviews. If they are defensive, not constructive, they are best avoided.
-If a place has less than five stars do not stay there, as most people will only leave less than that if they have had a horrible experience.
-Wherever possible use superhosts — these are experienced hosts who rarely cancel, respond quickly and have at least 80 per cent five-star reviews.
-Only stay with hosts who have provided verified government ID.
-Avoid hosts who have more than a couple of properties listed, i.e. professional Airbnb landlords.
-If you are a single woman, it may be best to stay with a female host.
-Low-quality photos taken by the host are more trustworthy than professional shots.
-Document anything that goes wrong with photo evidence for help with getting a refund.


I know you travel with this list in mind but…

I want to counter some of what they recommend as unfair. You may be ruling out a bunch of hosts who are indeed very good.

Even though I am a super ho now, it’s very possible I may lose my status soon simply because bookings drop to near zero in the summer… you have to have a minimum number of bookings AND reviews to retain your Superho status. These things are completely out of control of the host.

I have less than five stars. We all know that guests ding people on location and other things out of the host control. I would not necessarily avoid them just for that reason… the guy across the street already has all five stars and he just opened one month ago. We see a lot of listings that are all five stars and it could be the result of star inflation.


The graph is brilliant, they moan at us for discrimination with about 1% complaints and do nothing about customer service with 75% complaints.


You should be good, the look back is 1 year. For Superhost status.


I thought it could be lost quarterly.


Yes, the assessment is every QTR but the look back is 1 year from that date.


Yes, but if you just make the cut one quarter then get a poor review the next, it could make a difference. Some hosts don’t host as much, like Kona has seasonality and longer stays. Each review has more weight than say for someone like me who is getting 50 reviews a quarter


I have more that a hundred reviews per quarter so one makes little difference, will impact a bit more with the changes to the SH scoring system.

I never respond to reviews but have seen some spectacular Host rants which would certainly send me elsewhere.

My impression is that hardly any Guest know what a SH is.

Wonder is the reverse applies as a single man, should you avoid female hosts?


Women have to deal with the very real issue of 90% percent of all sexual offenders being male, and 70+% of ALL crimes are committed by men.


We are SH now (first time) but we’ve been a 5 star host for 2 years. The only reason it’s taken this long to get SH is because one of the homes we offer is owned by family members who inform me last minute that they would like to use the house for a few weeks. Because of this, I have 1 cancellation around the 10 month mark. 2 in total, out of hundreds of bookings spread across two different properties, over 2 years.

That said, we had a guest who booked our Palm Springs property… she ignored all of our 80+ 5 star reviews and focused on this 1 cancellation we had in 2017. She rang me at 6:30AM (she is in Arizona and I’m in California… same timezone) and opened with “I see that you have had one cancellation. I just want to know if this is a legitimate business?” It was so outrageous and I was so incredibly mad (and delirious) that she thought it was appropriate to dial this early, catch me off guard, just to question our reputable history as hosts. It was too extreme for me.

SH so far has provided us no additional business benefits. But I hope it does not bring more of these paranoid types. If you have this much anxiety about being cancelled on, stay at a hotel.


It’s a valid worry. I told the story of the guest last year who had been canceled on all four of the other main Hawaiian islands during peak season. When he got to my place and actually checked in he was so grateful he practically fell at my feet, poor guy. He said however, he would never book an expensive holiday through Air ever again.


It is very unfortunate that your guest was cancelled on previously so many times. For me, I wouldn’t book with a listing that displayed several cancellations (something I see on similar listings in my area). However, I also wouldn’t lead with my trauma and assume everyone is bad if there is little evidence for it. We only have one house. And if there is something terribly wrong with the house, we do not have another to offer. To be lumped with chronic canceling hosts is not a good feeling, and as a culture it feels paranoid and anxiety driven. Especially when guests don’t do their own common sense research.


I think those were all first time cancellations. The guest had no idea and said he booked carefully.

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