Airbnb & HonestDesign survey

Did others on here get the email for an Airbnb survey? It says;
“Dear ,

Thank you for being an Airbnb host! Airbnb’s Innovation Lab and Honest Design (our research collaborators) are interested in learning more about how you make decisions about your home, and how we could help you become even more successful as a host. Please help us by taking the brief survey below (we promise it’s only 5-10 minutes!) :).

Sena, Senior Researcher @Honest Design

I haven’t taken the survey yet but looked up the company. Seems to be part of Airbnb. I guess they don’t even know my name. Being part of Airbnb that should have been easy enough for them to get. The site says “Meet the Team” and there’s only one person there.

I wouldn’t take the survey if it didn’t have my name; I didn’t get it. I got a “news” email about “new guest standards” but it didn’t say anything much.


I wonder if this is random spam Mike.

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I think it is. Almost fooled me. I forwarded it to Airbnb ;


The saga continues. I got another email from them apologizing for not using my name. Maybe it is legitimate but I’m still reluctant because the URL doesn’t end in, it’s airbnb.co1. According to airbnb’s own site on how to recognize a fake email, the REAL ones “They begin with (or a country-specific URL like or” This one does not. I think it’s real but I’m not risking it. How else would a spammer know I host and my name? So no one else on here got one of these?

" Dear Michael,
This is a quick reminder that we would still appreciate your feedback with our host survey. It will take less than 10 mins and will help us improve our platform and services for hosts.

One more thing, sorry that your first name was omitted from the greeting line in my previous email. Apologies if this caused any concern or confusion!
Follow this link to the Survey:
Take the Survey

Or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser:…(not the full URL)

If you have already completed the survey, thank you sincerely and please disregard this message. :slight_smile:

Sena Koleva, Ph.D.
Honest Design for Airbnb

Well qualtrics is a very well known survey/analysis company so it’s possible it’s a survey executed by qualtrics… any word from ABB?

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No, they have not responded to my 2 emails. It’s been over 24 hours since I first forwarded the suspicious email and no word from them just an automated “Thank you” sent immediately.

I would just skip it. It’s not worth your time. If a survey is well executed or I get something in return I’ll do it but this just puts me off.

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In retrospect, this does sound legit. They were just awkward in how they phrased their survey prompt. I’d ignore. Just like I do all other surveys without amazon gift cards attached. :rofl:

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