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Airbnb home ransacked


Ugh. When the security camera “goes out” you better get yourself over to the rental.


Police called on Airbnb guests

I’m sure Airbnb’s Host Guarantee will take care of it all! (sarc)


I don’t think I saw anything that said how many guests the house could accommodate but did I see that it was $198 per night? Frighteningly cheap.

So, book a two night stay (for 396) and even when you’ve added a possible cleaning fee and the Airbnb fee your happy thieves have still spent probably under $500 to give them three days to leisurely strip the house of thousands of dollars-worth of goods. And people are surprised? The only thing that surprises me is that it doesn’t happen more often.


I don’t know why you would pay anything. Just rob houses the old fashioned way.

Maybe for the bay area but not for everywhere. There are over 100 Instant book “entire places” in El Paso for less than $150 a night. I’m not sure how many are stand alone homes. Just get a Penske truck, say you are moving and hit the road.


Right? I feel like we have to keep our prices super low to compete in our market. I would never dream of charging $200/night. Well, I can dream, but if I charged that I would get few bookings and terrible reviews. But, my house is 1/4 the price of any tiny place in the Bay Area too.


Sa-ay…didn’t you have a photo a while back of a Penske truck parked in your driveway? … :laughing:


I still do! With all the coming and going here I should not count on neighbors to call the cops on a suspicious vehicle (although they did call the cops on my odd Chinese guest taking pictures down the street in the middle of the night).

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