Airbnb hatefest

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I viewed this previously, and what I thought was most telling were the comments disparaging Airbnb hosts. We’ve got an image problem due to the arbitraging bad actors.


I saw that video and thought it was making fun of the disgruntled hosts, not actually a rant from a disgruntled host.


The guys is a nit for buying into airbnbs lovey dovey rubbish. Must of never been stung by a BS EC cancellation before.

This video has been posted here a week ago. I agree with Brian that this is mocking hosts. A sign of a good satire is that not everyone gets the joke.

I agree we have a bad reputation, certainly in areas. That was made clear to me in the Jersey City referendum in Nov. Airbnb spent over $4 million and lost big. 69% of voters voted in favor of the strong regulations the city had passed.

And it’s not just rental arbitrage; I believe it’s absentee landlords. And let’s face it lots of us would not want to live next door to an Airbnb, even a well managed one.


Next he will be advocating forsythia.

I want to “get” this. What do you mean @justMandi? Do tell please.

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