Airbnb hasn't paid me

I had guests check-in for their honeymoon on the 19th April. I have rung Air, messaged Air and telephoned. Each time I am told that there is a glitch in the system and my problem has been passed to a specialist advisor. Then I was promised TWICE that the payment would arrive shortly. Needless to say I still have not received payment, have also sent several tweets. Anyone else having this problem ? Any ideas as to how I can make Air take any notice of my problem ? I cannot believe that they are treating a Superhost, post pandemic in this way, how in the hell do they think I can afford to cover a complete stay, when I’ve hardly earned anything for the last year.

Go and complain loudly on their face book page. They dislike bad publicity and you get to talk to a different team.

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I had it happen to me last year and someone on this forum told me to switch the payout method and it worked. It doesn’t hurt to try it. Add another checking account or add paypal. Hope it works for you.

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You are putting far too much weight in the term “superhost”. I suspect Airbnb have a bigger supply of willing hosts than guests just now, so don’t expect any favours.

Harass them on social media, anecdotally Facebook and Twitter appear to be the tools of choice for disgruntled hosts, and some have reported a successful outcome by going down that road.



I have your issues in reverse order. They have paid me for a cancelled booking.

I’ve just had a CS twat on the phone - sorry, Customer Ambassador as they now call themselves - who quite clearly hadn’t read the message thread between me and the guest, or he would have known that a) my listing had been inadvertently re-opened by Airbnb and against UK Covid regs b) that the guest was happy to cancel.

This idiot doesn’t want to listen to my account of events, talking over me with mindless twaddle until I explode in utter rage when he starts talking about penalties.

Luckily my rage takes the form of icy facts, given in a dry tone and he takes heed at last.

Airbnb suddenly reopened my listings last week, and I had 3 bookings in 24hrs, including an IB for the next day.

All three were gracious in their understanding, and the IB cancelled, expecting Air to refund.

I receive an alert to review the guest who didn’t stay.
I receive an alert that a payout has been made for the guest who didn’t stay.
The money lands in my account.

I tried to call many times but gave up after two days. Let them call me.

They do. It took an hour of my time to get the twat to finally understand what had happened, and he was left grovelling.

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