Airbnb has my calendar marked as reserved when it is available

I called Airbnb support last week as they had a Saturday night on my calendar showing reserved when it wasn’t, they said it was a system wide issue and they would escalate it. I looked today and now the 4 days before the also show as being reserved yet they are available. I will lose $2300 due to this supposed “system error” as my guests see these dates as unavailable. Is there anything I can do or am I just out that money?

tweet to them and see if it can be solved

I have had this happen a couple of times when a guest inquired about a booking but didn’t actually book. The dates in question turned red and showed as blocked. I went into my calendar, selected them, and clicked unblock and they opened right up. Don’t know if this is what is happening with your calendar or not. Hope it helps.

I have this happened a few times. Out of now where, the calendar will be blocked 1 day. I called them, they don’t even seem to understand my concerns, they sound like I am a crazy person, tell me to check with other synced calendar. Now I just check my calendar once in a while to make sure no days are blocked by itself.

none of the dates are blocked, looked them each up individually. This is all on Airbnb’s side… I wish it would have been that easy:(

I had all this a month or so back, very strange.
Listing A showed guest A week one, blocked by Listing B week 2
Listing B showed blocked by Listing A week one, and AVAILABLE week 2!

Although support were on the case, it wasn’t really solved, they just placated me that it would be ok