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Airbnb Experiences? Advice needed on becoming host to one


Not sure if this is the correct place to post but I was wondering if anyone has become a host to, “Airbnb Experiences - activities designed and led by inspiring locals. You’ll get your own page on Airbnb that travelers can use to book your experience.”
I submitted my “experience” yesterday and it takes 1 to 2 weeks to hear back regarding approval.
Advice? Insights?


Most of us are hosts of homes/rentals on this site, although I remember when Airbnb first launched “Experiences” some hosts applied, so they may chime in.
So far as I know they’re still only offering them in select (large city) markets, so many of us aren’t eligible.


Are you asking if people become a host just so they can promote experiences?

What sort of advice do you want?


@AlexSJ did you submit an experience for approval?

It doesn’t seem like many members here are doing this but maybe some lurkers are and will chime in.


I did, but got declined. After the initial 'approval, I had to add more information, photos, pricing - Airbnb is taking a 20% I think …and it took another 4 or more weeks for them to decide that it is not something that they want. No details provided from them on that.

Really wonder what they did not like …perhaps some of the photos - especially there seem to be hundreds of Experiences offering hikes to the Hollywood sign …as if that is interesting.


I’m asking for overall insight or advice from others that host experiences regarding their experience, approval process, advice, etc. I just submitted an experience for approval. I am a licensed tour guide and former history teacher so when I saw that Airbnb started this, I kept telling myself to get the ball rolling.


Thanks AlexSJ - I am assuming they will ask me for more pictures. I didn’t submit many and didn’t have a picture of myself hosting the experience since I have not done it yet. Their page stated, “submit what you have for now”. There aren’t that many for my area and none for the specific area and type of tour I want to do. I guess I wait and see what happens.

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