Airbnb Experience programs

I am curious of Airbnb hosts who participate in the “Airbnb Experience” program.

According to the website: “These are activities designed and led by inspiring locals. They go beyond typical tours or classes by immersing guests in each host’s unique world. It’s an opportunity for anyone to share their hobbies, skills, or expertise without needing an extra room.”

Are they successful and profitable for Airbnb hosts?

I thought about offering “Scotch whisky tasting” classes in our Airbnb home, but my wife and I worry about the lability.

Have you researched liability insurance for what you want to do? I purchased my own short term rental insurance which included liability for alcohol (i.e leaving a bottle of wine or Champagne for your guest, etc.).

I think as with everything profitability will depend on how much you charge, the demand for your ‘experience’ and your competition (not just Airbnb but others doing this in your area). I guess people would be looking for some level of expertise in whisky tasting on your part.

When you looked at others offering this were they charging a rate which would be profitable for you?

And think about whether there would a be a demand for people to come to you rather than a distillery, whisky shop or specialist pub.

You could also look at partnering with other experience providers in your area.

Not just liability, but in most jurisdictions you can’t dispense alcohol for pay without a license.

The sherry tasting “experiences” here (in Spain) are generally partnered with a local bar or a tabanco, removes any licencing issues and provides a far more controlled environment.

We also have restrictions in respect of “additional services” if the experience is provided while hosting the guest, even if technically it is a different service offered with a seperate booking system.


I am both Airbnb home and experiences host. I host 2 Experiences, one is about photography and second one is a hiking. It was great profitable. So I would like to encourage you to try that it works for you or not.

As you mentioned, you can start at what you already have. My photographer also at my house and my neighborhood.

Here is my article I wrote in Airbnb Community Center :

Whisky tasting would definitely affect my mood…

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I personally am not interested in offering any experience. I am pretty busy and don’t have too much time to socialize with my guests. Also, as a traveler, I am not interested in taking any experience either. As a traveler I do my research ahead of time and I know where I’m going and what I’m doing. if I need more there are travelers groups on FB. I just ask a question there and that’s it. Restaurant rec I go by TripAdvisor or ask my host. sorry fellow hosts, but I personally think the experience thing is not for me.