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Airbnb doesn't want white nationalists using its site


Airbnb is having another go at this.


Airbnb-making me proud…at least this once :grin:


Good for them! Well done Airbnb


Where do you start, where do you stop?


Airbnb has a clear policy that has a beginning and an end. I personally would be happy to jack up my price, take the white nationalist’s money and donate it the ACLU or SPLC or NAACP or… but I’d have to advertise on a platform other than Airbnb.

I don’t know why any Nazi would book an airbnb given Airbnb’s public stances on issues they care about anyway.


Watched a documentary on Charlesville, dreadful stuff. Its great that they are publically denouncing this behaviour.


Airbnb is global now, what about other countries who have similiar problems?

If its genuine should a press release be provided for every country they operate in?

Clearly stating their policy and what they will do to hosts or guests globally if they dont follow their anti descrimnation policy.

Like what como said, where does it start and end.
Why pick one event?


This is how every business and institution operates. Starbucks didn’t close for training all their employees until after the event (employees calling the cops on blacks waiting for their friend a few months ago.) Politicians and actors don’t get fired until after the news goes public. The NFL reacts to player protests after they happen. Police in Charlottesville this year are prepared, last year they weren’t. A school has rules for prom and they don’t make rules about gay couples until they find out a gay couple is going to go. I could give hundreds of example of “picking one event.”


I would be reasonably sure that everybody on here has a different view on this, it is inevitably subjective, now most of us may agree on the clear cut cases but I doubt any of us would agree on the marginable ones, it is always thus.

Personally I do not get into peoples politics etc, they are customers who pay me money, as long as they are civil to me all is good. I am sure I have had many people stay who may have odd issues I would not be comfortable with if they were a friend, they are not friends, they are customers.


The article is just saying what Airbnb’s policy is. I suppose if one had a reservation and the guest was cancelled and kicked off the platform you could contact them via their cell number or personal email if you had asked for it and host them anyway. Airbnb can’t stop anyone from discriminating, they can only stop them from using the platform if there is a complaint.

I’ve hosted many people who have values and political views with which I disagree if their t-shirts and bumper stickers are any indication. Like you, I just take their money. It’s what I do with it that they would probably be unhappy with. LOL.


I am sure I have had Teetotallers, certainly Vegetarians, so a Beer and a Burger probably would not go down well.


The summer before Kennedy was elected president, the followers and press ruined the lawn of the house across the street by parking on it. The owners children put notes on all the cars asking for a 25 cent parking fee to be given to “the best party.” At the end of the summer they turned over the entire amount to the Republicans.

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