Airbnb does not send notification of guest request

Last night at 1:38am a guest requests a party of three booking for this 3 nights this weekend which is discounted, including a nice note.$$$

No notifying on cell phone, no email from Airbnbn to notify me of this booking. I was on the Airbnbn Tiny Tiki site today to remove the cleaning fee, and I happened to notice a new message in the inbox, only to find that that poor guest had rescinded his request 10 minutes before, at 2:38 pm.

I did write the guest an apologetic note and also a HELp letter to AirCs. Neither of which has any traction.
Do I have to check my inbox every hour now…

geez>>> I’m not going to have any hair left after tearing it all out! What’s next? Has this happened to any one else?

Saving grace is I got a direct book return guest Third time today and can go see my Mom:)


Yes. Several years ago I, like you, opened my hosting page to do something, and saw that a guest had sent a request 25 hrs. prior. She hadn’t cancelled the request, though- I messaged her immediately to say I was sorry- that there was some glitch and I had never received notification. She did book.

Then I contacted CS to say my text alerts had stopped (I have both email and SMS checked off for notifications, and had gotten an email, but I don’t check my email more than once a day, if that, unless I’m expecting something).

After the standard CS ridiculousness (“Maybe your text inbox is full”- as if I wouldn’t have checked that before contacting them. “It must be a problem with your phone provider”- uh, no, I get everyone else’s texts), he finally deigned to talk to the techies, who confirmed it was a glitch on their end.

Which somehow took them a month to fix, even though it probably took 1 minute in real time.

Meanwhile, I just had to keep checking my hosting account or email twice a day to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

Oh, and Airbnb docked my up to then perfect Response Rate, even though it was their glitch, and even though the guest did book despite my late reply.


I too have not been receiving text messages or emails from Airbnb. I just checked this morning my account since I needed to block days off and noticed an inquiry. There must to a glitch.


Thanks for letting us know! I’m going to start checking my ABB inbox obsessively now