Airbnb discrimination and rude. I’m not paying any money back.!

The past reservation was trouble a guest booked for her daughter and a friend for 4 months. I was disappointed that she lied and found out it was her daughter and friend on the day they arrived. And then these two girls smoke in my room which disrespected my house rules. Also they asked for the refund for 3 nights because they arrived 3 days late from the checkin date. I disagreed and they said they will see with Airbnb. Moreover, after they stayed for 2 months and 20 days, they wanted to cancel the last 23 days on their booking without telling me. They told their mother who made a booking to cancel the 40 nights. I did prepared everything as listed o irbnb, the room is clean and I do not charge electricity and water bill. Also I put on strict cancellation policy, but Airbnb trip agent was so rude and discriminated over my case. He said I have to refund half of the payment since guest cancelled on the third month. (on the 22th) Also the guest(the mother) did wrong action so there were two bookings. She sent email outside Airbnb and threatening me to agree to refund on the money whilst I called Airbnb and they gave me this rude trip agent. At first I decided to agree to refund on the mistaken booking. For example, there were 100 left to pay but it came up 200(100+100), so I was okay to waive the extra 100 however they took all.(Airbnb) And I already got paid for the third month but he said because my English is not understandable so he believed guest and will refund the money to her.
I called Airbnb and checked with representative, this guy is helpful and said I am allowed to receive payment for the nights left (30 days max)after the date of cancellation. That means I only have to refund for the left 10 nights but obviously I haven’t got paid for the last month yet. The representative said that I can discuss this fact of policy with the trip agent, however I cannot request to change the trip agent.!?
So I talked to this trip agent one last time but again he said he didn’t care about my explanation and his decision is final, like he was a judge. I have to pay back Airbnb for 2000$USD, while I only earned from this 2 months 22 days rent for less than 1000$USD. He said that included service fees and penalties. I was not the one who canceled the reservation first and I even disagreed on this cancellation. He said then I have to respect Airbnb rules and that I shall be grateful because I got very good price from them assessed by the low prices of real estate in my country. And he was very kind to tolerate with my broken English.

Forgive me but I am having difficulty understanding your post in full, but a few comments from what I think I have understood;-

I am sorry you experienced Air customer service reps being rude and dismissive because of your lack of English, and for the unacceptable comments about property costs in your country

This sounds like it was a third party booking, i.e. mother booking for daughter and her friend, not herself. Third party bookings are outside of Airbnb’s Terms of Service. You should not have accepted it but Air may be forgiving if you bring this to their notice. How old were the girls?

Long term bookings through Airbnb are not advisable. Air only protects you for a block of 28 days or less.

Please, please read the Terms of Service in detail.



Could you separate your post into paragraphs?

I commend @Joan for reading it. I can’t get past the second line and it blurs together.

The formatting may be why 87 people (as of now) as viewed it and one person commented.

I too have a very hard time understanding exactly what went on here but the point is:

A third party booking, for more than 28 days and they arrived three days late. But nevertheless you didn’t call Airbnb.

Does this mean that you are operating outside the legality of your country?