Airbnb Cutting My Price

Anyone else seeing this? Airbnb is slashing over 26% off my base price. I use Smart Pricing, so I expect the price to fluctuate day-to-day - up not down. It’s cutting my weekend pricing below even the base price! I do not recall ever agreeing to this. I turned SP off for one of my guestrooms and the nonsense stopped. I’m think of turning SP off for all my listings. I don’t need Airbnb telling me how much (or little in this case) to charge. Our guestroom is already 1/3 the price of another local listing with a shared bed for $100/night. Who the f*** shares a bed on Airbnb?!?! Hookers?

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I had smart pricing on and I got cheated! I can usually get $200 a night for a whole house rental and smart pricing has it for $154. Usually the off season is $154 a night. No wonder I’m booked for the summer. I had been too busy at work to check on this and now it’s too late. I too just turned smart pricing off.

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Have you set a minimum price for smart pricing @Josiah

I have any and my day rate/weekend rate never falls below the minimum price I have set.

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YES!!! Airbnb is cutting the price further. That’s my point.

I turned Smart Pricing off and it stopped.

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Seems like it’s happened before. Here’s one thread. You might try searching some more to see if you can get any more hints on what might be going on.


Ok @Josiah you didn’t say in your initial post you had set a minimum price for smart pricing…just trying to help :frowning:

Hi Josiah

This happened to me some months ago - I never got a response from Airbnb and I don’t use smart pricing.

I manually changed all the dates affected and then monitored daily for several weeks.

I have no explanation or solution to offer you :o(

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You’re right, I said “base price,” not “minimum price.”

@Fidget, alas, I may need to manually adjust pricing as you do.

Are you new? When I started 3 years ago and tried SP ABBwould sometimes go below my minimum so turned it off. I have tried it again this year and watch it almost nightly. I haven’t been below my minimums yet and often get a buck or two more.

Define “new.” I’ve only been hosting for 4 years, 350 reservations, and 400+ guests. I guess I never noticed this level of shady practice from Airbnb. The price literally said " $45 $40" for one of my listings. It’s not worth hosting for less than $45/night unless it’s a week or longer. It’s already a bargain.

I guess you are not new then, but having a slashed out price sounds like something different altogether. Have you received that below minimum price or just seem it like that? It might be an advertising tactic. Although shady, that they are testing.

I’ve been using it about a 1.5 years/100+ bookings and it has never dropped below my minimum set price.

I can’t imagine they get any bookings unless it’s a bunk bed.

I stand corrected, it’s a “shared room in an apartment” listing. But still, the place looks like a mess, and for $100/night… to each her own, I guess.