Airbnb changing my price?

How are they allowed to change my price? For example, this weekend I have my place listed for $225 a night bc it’s a home college football weekend, these are my money making weekends. They changed it to $195. Why/how can they do this?

Do you have Smart Pricing? If your prices ae being changed it might be because you enabled Smart Pricing. Check your settings and disable it.

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Nope, have it turned off


There are so many glitches. I’ve had my prices changed once. I’ve had other settings get changed more frequently like my minimum stay or unblocking of blocked dates though.

It may sound over diligent but I recommend that you just look at your calendar and over your settings once a day so you can catch stuff like that. I spend less than three minutes on it but I do it nearly every day, just along with my morning coffee so that’s part of a routine.

Right now you’ll just want to change the price back and check all of your settings. Make sure there’s not a discount set somewhere, etc.

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@JJD I did set a discount. I set up a 20% off, but I wanted that 20% to be off $225, not off $195. No where have I ever set a price for $195, it’s either the regular rate of $89 or on football weekends it’s $225.

So the price is showing as $195 and not $225 on your calendar? Do you have $195 as your base price perhaps?

I never set discounts through AirBnb, if I want to change a price I change it. I do not trust them not to screw it up



I don’t either but the search ranking loves a discount so I do set them but also have to check on them.