AirBNB changes the Host review prompts

Looks like the busy bees at AirBNB have, in addition to changing the guests’ review page, have changed it for the hosts as well.

This is what the review prompt email looked like last week:

And this morning:

Pretty significant change. They have removed the subtle suggestion to find something negative to say about your guest. Have they done the same on the guest side?

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I think it’s better, hope they do it on the guest side for host reviews.

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If you look at profiles now you can see “this guest has been recommended by (insert number) of hosts”

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I don’t see that on my guests’ profiles. Can you screenshot?

This is actually in the conversation thread after a confirmed reservation, not on the public profile.

Ok thanks @n3rdw0p, I was going crazy looking :joy:

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I don’t have this on any current reservations. Guess I will have to wait for a new one before I do see it… and my next open date isn’t until November 2nd. :frowning:

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I’m in the New Orleans market just for everyones information if they are just testing this here.

Sorry to quibble, but you’ve blotted out their names at the top of your screenshots, but forgotten to do the same at the bottom. Kinda lock the door but leave the window open. :slight_smile:

So I did… thank goodness no one knows my listing and so a first name is not that useful. Thanks.

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