Airbnb changes reviews?

Have any of you experienced this? I just stayed one night in an Airbnb nearby and I read the review I left and Airbnb cut out part of it! The hosts were nice, the home clean, modern and lovely if not messy (lots of things standing about that need to be put into storage but ok), the room beautifully appointed but, the room shared a wall with the only bathroom (which also was the laundry and toilet) and every sound - and I mean every sound - carried. Ok, can’t do much about that but I woke about 1 in the morning to people talking and walking up and down the hall and then the washing machine having just been put on a cycle - for an hour! Spinning, pipes clunking on off on off at my head, you get the picture. I couldn’t get back to sleep for several hours so was not very happy in the morning. I wasn’t asked how I slept or if everything was ok, for me a must with all guests. I didn’t mention the washing machine or noise in my public review (but rather to the hosts privately) just that ‘noise carried from the bathroom’ and that’s been removed from my review! What is the point of leaving an honest review if it’s not going to be posted??