Airbnb changed amount of time guest has to upload photo ID when sending a booking request

Just had a guest trying to book without photo ID this afternoon and had a notification from Airbnb that he only has four hours to upload his ID or my calendar will open again.

Thought hosts here would like to know as I know it has been a source of frustration that hosts normally have their calendar’s blocked for 24 hours when a guest tries to book without ID.


That is GREAT news! Hope it applies to all ‘ID’ needs, not just photo id…

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Yes that would be good. @Rolf

that’s awesome. I have this happen often as i have SO many newbies, but usually they manage to do it almost straight away. i’m glad to hear they only have 4 hours.

Actually I spoke too soon I’m afraid. I am now having a nightmare with this booking.

  1. I can see the guest recently booked with another host in my city and has a positive review so I am happy to host him
  2. He sent a booking request and explained he couldn’t book because his passport ran out and he didn’t have a driving license so had no photo ID
  3. I called Airbnb who said I can temporarily remove my photo ID requirement and then he can withdraw his first booking request and put in a new booking and it will go through
  4. I woke up this morning to find my calendar still blocked and no booking]
  5. Airbnb are now saying he can’t book because he needs photo ID to verify his account.
  6. I responded that this makes no sense or else hosts wouldn’t have to chose to turn on photo ID required or not on their listings if ALL guests need it to register on the platform
  7. I also pointed out why is the guests second request blocking my calendar ten hours later when I have a message saying my account would only be blocked for four hours
    8.Now they are saying my calendar is blocked for 12 hours and their messaging saying four hours is incorrect

This is my first negative encounter with Airbnb customer services in six years and I can see why hosts get frustrated.

Frustrating for sure! I heard 12 hours every time this happened recently to us, too.

I suppose all the IT energy is going into setting up the millionaire version of airbnb (“search for all rustic cabins with helicopter-only access containing 8 or more bedrooms for 4 or less guests”) rather than fixing direct host info on web pages…


I suspected it was too good to be true. :rofl:

How does it make any sense that this guest was able to book with a previous host if Airbnb requires photo ID and he didn’t have any? And even if his passport was still good when he booked the last place, guests don’t have to upload photo ID for each booking- they do it once and it is on their account, no?

I have a hard time believing the algorithms record when a user’s passport or driver’s license expires and prompts them to upload a new one.
And there are lots of people who never travel internationally nor drive, so wouldn’t have either of those documents.