Airbnb called and emailed me - wants my support, and a full day of my time. Should I?


So I recevied a call from Airbnb, followed up by the email below.

While I want to support them, I also want to be sure that their agenda coincides with mine. And it’s a full day of my time they wish for me to spend on a bus, talking to legislators…

Thoughts from the old-timers, and the newi-timers?


@Alia_Gee. Take a look. Your thoughts would be helpful here.

Anytime one of us can represent STRs in a positive light would be worth it IMHO.

The lunch better be good! :rofl::rofl:

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Definitely GO!

New York City banned all short-term rentals (except bedrooms), and they are likely trying to do the same in upstate NY.

We had the chair/rug/income kicked out from under us when our city banned Airbnbs and we were told to stop hosting immediately or face a daily fine. So did our friends and neighbors who were also hosts, regardless whther it was rented ten times per year or hundred. It affected many many peoples’ lives and income.

In NYC they are now sending sherrifs deputies to listings continuing to operate since the ban in '16, sometimes using bogus city codes and safety violations as a ruse to intimidate and illegally enter properties whilst the owners are away and their Airbnb guests are present. It’s a pretty big, stinking deal…and one that likely won’t stop with just NY & LA. It is happening everywhere. New Orleans, Seattle. Hawaii had proposed a bill to criminalize unlicensed vacation rentals as a felony offense.

Hosts and guests get to ensure that people see the positives of vacation rentals and how they can actually benefit cities both fiscally with tourist dollars and big tax revenues (with no investment), as well as with diversity and increased reach for tourism, while showing that rentals can operate fully within local tax and licensing laws and local regulations, etc.

Lawmakers need to hear from hosts so they can see how responsible, respectful and law-abiding hosts (and our guests) can be, as well as see in the flesh how many of their city’s inhabitants’ lives and livelihood depend on their hosting.

If you can make it, do please go…and tell any local hosts friends, too! This affects all of us…

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I was invited to something similar last summer and went. I got to speak to our State Legislators along with several other hosts. There were also speakers on the other side like traditional B & B owners, tourist industry spokespeople, etc. It is definitely worth having your opinions heard.

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If I were retired or otherwise able to go without it costing me any money I would do it. This is late notice for me and I probably couldn’t because I have to get the airbnb room ready for the next stay as well as having dogs to care for. When I went out of town for a DogVacay thing two years ago they gave us 2 months notice and paid for someone to sit my dogs while I was gone.

I would enjoy a bus ride and meeting other area hosts, and being at the state legislature because I’m interesting in government and politics. In terms of their agenda coinciding with mine, that would not be a concern for me.

If you go do share your experience with us upon your return.