Airbnb calendar imported into HomeAway

I have an Airbnb calendar imported into my HomeAway calendar and wanted to verify a few things with our fellow host community… how does this feature work for you with regards to the following:

  1. How often do the Airbnb and HomeAway calendars sync so that Airbnb’s info is updated on the HomeAway calendar? For example, if a booking occurs on Airbnb and blocks your Airbnb calendar dates, will the dates be blocked on HomeAway’s calendar immediately, almost real time? Or will they be blocked that evening… so the Airbnb calendar syncs and pushes info to HomeAway (or HomeAway pulls the info from Airbnb) only once a day?

  2. Which Airbnb dates are updated on your HomeAway calendar and how? For example:
    a) bookings - a booking on Airbnb will show as dates unavailable on my HomeAway calendar.
    b) What about Airbnb requests? How do you show them on your HomeAway calendar before they’re accepted and while still pending?
    c) I would think Airbnb inquiries do not block or update the HomeAway calendar in any way, shape or form but if you’ve noticed otherwise, please share

  3. What information from the Airbnb calendar is updated for each stay on your HomeAway calendar? In addition to the dates, I show the Airbnb guest’s first and last name and the 6-character reservation confirmation code.

  1. The calendars are synched within minutes if not instantly. I get a booking on Airbnb and it shows on the Homeaway calendar within minutes.
  2. ALL blocked dates on your Airbnb calendar are synched to Homeaway.
    a) bookings - yes, it shows as unavailable on the Homeaway calendar
    b) Pending bookings don’t show up
    c) I have not noticed inquiries pushing anything through to the Homeaway calendar
  3. Yes, I show the guest name and booking confirmation for reservations, and for Airbnb calendar blocks, it shows whatever notation I’ve made on that block (for example - hold for sister)

I hope that helps.

I had a problem with the sync. Search for my post for details. Mileage may vary.

I’m making a vrbo listing and I’m having trouble importing my AIRBNB calendar. Am I correct in thinking that I’m supposed to paste the url of my Air calendar into the appropriate field on the vrbo page? When I paste this into the field (with my actual listing number) I’m getting an error message. Am I missing a step?