Airbnb BUG: Random Messages from the Past!

I woke up this morning to see a couple of messages from someone who stayed a couple of years ago! From what I can tell it was a re-send of some messages he’d sent me back then.
I then looked around my Airbnb inbox and to my horror discover that some of my recent checked-out guests have been sent random messages I’d sent to other guests aeons ago!!
The common feature of those messages is they were originally sent by SMS (which I use rarely.)

Has anyone else seen this this morning? It’s pretty appalling if the Airbnb software re-sends your old messages to other guests randomly.

Happened to me too - woke up to about 70 SMS’ from Airbnb. I freaked out and thought someone had been trying to contact me … then realised it was just another glitch. Like the one last month where the site was calculating earnings at a fraction of the actual figure.

70!!! Jeez!! Should I be relieved now mine were a handful? Airbnb SMS has always been iffy but sending out messages like this randomly is very disconcerting.

Yup me too. I had to turn off notifications on my phone as I was getting about 5 an hour throughout last night. Called Air they are aware of it and apparently “on it”.

I haven’t called yet, but I think I soon will. Even if now I know that many other folk would have called or would be calling.

I know it’s scary - I’ve got this mental image of an enormous warehouse housing thier unmanaged tech-team who don’t actually do much fixing but enjoy doing crazy experiments… I just double checked the messages and fortunately it doesn’t look like anything was sent from my side. It’s just repeated messages from guests from 2015.

I think it is a good idea for everyone affected to call. I was told that they had already had several hosts call, the more that do, the faster they will fix it. In theory.

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I have a couple of recently checked-out guests who I’m not too keen on getting a review from - as it probably will be lukewarm at best. I hope these messages won’t now provoke them to review!

No message glitches here on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Or here in Boston, but I have never sent a guest message via SMS.

Thanks for all the replies. I take it those who didn’t mention their location above are based in Britain or Ireland, perhaps Europe.

I called Airbnb, the CS was efficient and professional, not to mention profuse in her apology.

I think they should send out an official Airbnb message to all affected by the glitch - especially guests to assure them this was an error and there’s nothing to worry about.

I’d exhort other hosts here to call Airbnb as well to make this point.

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I got a couple of random messages as well this morning.

And a guest booked a night and I have still not received any confirmation from Airbnb, however the booking appears in my channel manager.

Really strange

Me too here in France, and I was so confused, until I found out it was a message from september 2015. I have also experienced other strange messages to my guests.

Happened to us as well! Interesting only for our property in Spain non of the US listings.

It’s confined to Britain/Europe like I suspected.

A girl I’ll be receiving in a few days got a message (purportedly) from me saying ‘No worries about last night, it wasn’t a problem’.

So many jokes… So little time

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I am in the U.S. and I got a message again from April 2015.
Today at 12:25 AM via Airbnb SMS
Original send: Apr 7, 2015 via Airbnb SMS

Me too! All messages from April/may 2015. Sent to people at random all around 5.20 am uk time. I had some from other people too. Have messaged Airbnb haven’t heard back.

Better call them!