Airbnb Booking Date -- Analysis

Beyond Pricing (and its competitors) allow you to set a base rate which is then automatically varied for seasonality, day of week, mismatch of supply / demand, etc. As many of you pros know, we still have to adjust the base rate from time to time.

In our case for Toronto, we lower the base rate in January and slowly raise it through May. The net result is bookings received early in the year (Jan - Feb) for Summer stays (June - Sept) are for a lower nightly rate than bookings received a few months later for the same time frame.

Beyond Pricing has recently introduced a new feature that allows us to set a minimum seasonal nightly rate (which can then be relaxed as we get closer to the Summer). Analytically, this requires knowing the nightly rate for a given month based on when the booking was made. For example, we want to know the difference in nightly rate for June stays based on when a booking was received – Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, etc.

Airbnb reservations (when downloaded) do not provide the date the reservation was confirmed. Does anyone have a workaround or suggestion – short of auditing the message log?

What did Beyond Pricing suggest?

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