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Airbnb Booking Change

Hello forum!

I have a Airbnb guest coming up and the guest would like to add a guest to the reservation. The price will now change and he has agreed with me via messages for the change in price. I have submitted the change request but he says that he does not know where on the airbnb mobile app to accept the change?

Not sure if there is a specific way he or I should be doing this?

How should he accept the change request?

Thanks for your help!


UGH, doesn’t anyone use a laptop anymore, and why oh why must we hold their hands this way?
In any case, he probably needs to go his messages (indicated by a ‘message bubble’ icon on his app, or the suitcase icon on his app.
I only know how the app looks on my iphone, and these icons are on the bottom of my screen.

Sounds like another function to add to my list of things that don’t work on the app!
Send him off to a pc.


Yes, it’s odd - it seems very difficult to actually accept a change. I’ve had trouble with that. In fact, a gave a recent guest a discount; still not accepted.

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Also shouldn’t they get an email from airbnb notifying them and providing a link?


I don’t think you can make reservation changes or accept them on the app. I was trying to adjust a reservation and had to wait to get to a computer.

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On the android app if you go to the accepted reservation and scroll all the way to the bottom, below the calendar there is a change reservation button. [quote=“Evelyn, post:6, topic:7381”]
reservation changes or accept them on the app

on the Iphone app. I’m on the reservation and all the way at the bottom it says cancel reservation. I guess that will be the button.

Well on the android app there is also a change button. If you don’t want to cancel you probably shouldn’t hit that one. LOL

I know I wanted to test it to see if it will give me an alteration screen but I don’t need to see it right now. :grin:

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Keep it simple, tell them to check their email, they’ll have one from AirBnB and it contains a link. Most email providers have a mobile app.

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