Airbnb blocking dates

Every few days Airbnb is adding a blocked date prior to a reservation and after a reservation for no apparent reason. I have a 2 night minimum and no preparation days. This can block a reservation that I might want. When I go make the dates available, they become blocked again after a day or two. Airbnb support does not know why this is happening.

There is an option in your listing that must have been checked off. I believe it is under availability settings. One day prep time between reservations.

Hi check if all these are what you want them to be
Scroll down under price & availabilidad

The OP said she has no prep days set.

Yes, I read that, but thought maybe something got changed in error! Maybe a quick check into the settings!


Yes, it’s always a good idea to check. I’ve had a few weird things happen over the years. For instance, one time IB was mysteriously switched off.

I think most of us have had the occasional glitch. :slight_smile:


Enforcement of the AirBnB 24 hr COVID cleaning rules. I expect that one of these days they will start checking bookings to find hosts that try avoid the day and threaten them with delisting.

@Michdes I’m vaxxed, my community is already 60% vaxxed down to age 16, and when I open there will always be a day between guests. Everyone flies to get here and I have no idea what airports they may go through. At my age, with my health history, I’m not taking chances. None of us should.

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@NordlingHouse, I agree! My home also has the day blocked before and after a reservation.
Stay safe everyone.

I use that. And a 2 day minimum.

Just had one. My day between bookings switched off. Ive now got one (whew only one) with guest A checking out in the morning & guest B checking in that afternoon.

All of my other reservations have the correct gap. Im not going to ask the guests to change their dates.

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