Airbnb blocked my host account and has not proceeded my payout

Hi there,

Recently Airbnb blocked my host account and still they did not proceed a payout from my Airbnb host account. Does anyone on this forum has or had the same situation? How did you get this situation solved?

Nope, never had it.

What do Airbnb say?


Not been in your situation @apostolis . Why did they block your account?

I would imagine you would call Airbnb and see why you haven’t been paid/

Yes, why did they block your account? What happened? I cant think they did that out of the blue.

I’m wondering if they gave a refund to the guest and that’s why you have not received payment.

Well @apostolis we’re all longing to know what Airbnb said. Although I believe that their TOS says that they are under no obligation to engage in explanations regarding why they terminate accounts. However, I’m inclined to believe that they think they have a good reason for what they do. Are you sure that your listing was completely legit?

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Going out on a limb here, but I doubt we hear back.