Airbnb blocked my account and say that this is a technical error

Hi, who else have problem with access to account?
In the morning I got message that my account not authorized but I fork 4 years like host already.
I called to support and they said that this is a technical error and I must wait but how long don’t told me.
I can’t send messages to guests. I have checkin today and tomorrow but can’t provide details to my guests.
Do anyone have same problem?

That’s terrible Alex. I would call them back and remind them you have guests due to check in and you can’t provide them with details. You can also contact them via twitter.

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I tried sent many messages but didn’t read

I regularly see that message, for me it’s due to Facebook access. Your account isn’t blocked it’s just a technical issue with logging in

No I can’t send messages. My villas unlisted.
I called and no answer when and why.

In the morning I opened website and see please cage your password. After changed I see dashboard and in top message that your account no authorized. I tried to login from google and from login pass. Now I see guest chats. I can send messages but messages no sending to guests. I tried to send to my friend and no delivered. Listings not active on Airbnb. From my side looks like normal all. But guests no have access to may profile. To message history. Can’t contact me. How be? Today guest come or not I don’t know now

Hopefully you get it sorted ! Keep us informed !

CALL AirBnb – no twitter, no email – CALL. If you call after 9 AM Pacific Time you should get American Customer Service people, not your local help (which may not be as well trained as American staff). Saty on the line until you are satisfied.

Called 3 times. Just one hour before called them. Staff said we don’t know why you blocked. Only case manager know and wait his call please today or tomorrow.
Why Airbnb can ask SMS code verify and after change password? Because it’s stated after I did it.

Where are you? If you are in a place where listing is illegal, they will shut you down without notice, explanation or customer service support.

We are working since 2013 and we have 800 reviews

Look on my Profile

You have 72 listings??

Yes, i have many villas and combinations of complexes. And all of them stuck now(

That’s probably why they shut you down. You are considered too commercial and you got flagged. Most of us here have one or two listings, three at the most. But 72?!!! You are a commercial enterprise running a hotel. You have more rooms than some hotels!. This is not what air is supposed to be about.

Just another example of someone who posted here crying the blues about something ‘unfair’ and not giving the whole story!


I have many villas, not a hotel. I am just owner and sell like all of you, half of it joined together villas in one place for big groups. I working since 2013 and today i opened laptop and website asked me change password and after i changed i got this what i have now.


(Wow, you sure can ferret them out! You’re good!)

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Well you might be the owner but Air has been known to shut down multiple listings without notice or explanation. You should put them on VRBO or another platform where it is allowed.

I have everywhere where possible. But on Airbnb most popular and never was problem before. When they changed rules?

They can, at their own discretion and without explanation, remove any listings that are not legal or that they don’t like or are problematic with local municipalities. They don’t have to tell you why and they don’t have to defend their decision. They don’t have to talk to you again or support you with customer service. You are no longer a customer. It’s in the TOS that you agreed to.

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I had something similar happen last year.
I opened a new listing, and next time I checked 3 days later they had locked my account.
I called daily, and the only thing they could do was say “I will notify the case manager that you called”.
On twitter I finally posted… "I have been locked out for 17 days, called multiple times, and no progress. I am a superhost."
They responded within a few hours, unlocked my account and said it was a “technical issue”.
I think the key is to subtlety make them look bad publicly on twitter…
I was able to wait that long because I had no current bookings - it wasn’t yet ski season - and usually all my bookings are within 3 weeks of travel. Skiing started in January - this happened last November. If it happens again I will be much quicker going to twitter, and also make sure I use the superhost phone number instead of the regular one.

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