Airbnb being threatened by its own hosts

Those big property managers also seem to get away with low ratings. I’ve seen some with 3 star ratings on some of their listings or even lower. Airbnb obviously doesn’t send them warning messages about getting delisted when their rating falls below 4.7.

I’ve also read many guest posts where they have had really egregious issues at some of these listings, the type of issues where Airbnb would fully refund guests if those things happened at individually owned and managed listings, but guests never seem to get refunded if it’s a big property management listing.

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I almost never stay at a Property Managed Airbnb. I can’t recall one time that there hasn’t been an issue.

Same. I haven’t done a lot of traveling recently, but not only are the “PM” properties poorly managed, the prices are usually astronomical.

Interested in OwnerRes…any insight?

@Kerri -
It’s a lot of work to set up. Be sure to watch the videos in the help section.
If your property is not in the United States (or a few other exceptions I don’t recall), AirBnB will require you to go to Simplified Pricing, which I would not do.
Join the OwnerRez Facebook group for support.
You’ll have to get your own credit card processor. AirBnB will still collect and hold the money, but you will process payments for VRBO guests (and direct bookings, of course).
You get lots of flexibility in rates, seasons, pricing, etc., especially for your own website and VRBO. Not so much with AirBnB.