Airbnb app wants to access files on my device

I just had an alert pop up on the Airbnb app asking for permission to access photos, videos and FILES on my android phone.

I don’t think I’ve seen this before. I didn’t allow it. Any thoughts folks.

well that’s a hard NO!

I have to set my phone settings to “yes” on that so that I can send pics or pdf files to guests from the app. It doesn’t seem sinister at all.

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I do the same. Lots of apps want to access your photographs. And lots of apps want to access your location. It’s just a fact of life.

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@jaquo I think people worry about their privacy or something. I don’t have to worry about my privacy. I don’t have anything worth “watching”. Any spies would just move along out of pure boredom :wink:


I agree. People are sometimes surprised that I have the blinds open in my apartment most of the time and people can see in. To me, if anyone wants to look in, they get what they deserve :rofl:


I didn’t even know that you can do this from within the app.