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Airbnb Announces Global Party Ban

Nothing you said indicates you understand how covid spreads. Family gatherings are now known to be a major contributor to covid spread in the US. I understand that you don’t see yourself as the host as having any responsibility. You’re just providing a service. But some services don’t serve the public good and we regulate them.

Anyway, as discussed on another thread, Airbnb is just trying to avoid liability.


Fifteen people are getting together for Thanksgiving dinner. They can have the dinner at my house on the coast or at Auntie’s house in suburbia. How will they be in more danger congregating in my house than at Auntie’s?

For one thing, just the fact that 15 people are travelling to a gathering means it’s likely that at least some of them will be stopping along the way, coming in contact with others, and possibly bringing the virus to your community. And by facilitating their gathering you are tacitly approving it and being part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.

It’s like saying, well, there are sex traffickers out there in the world, and they’re going to ply their trade somewhere, so why shouldn’t I rent them space for their operation and put money in my pocket instead of someone else’s.


The answer to your question is they are not in any more danger BUT you and AirBNB may be more liable for the cause of a super spreader. AND by not traveling, they keep from spreading the disease to all they might encounter when traveling (i.e. airports, taxis, restaurants, etc).

AirBNB is trying not to be the cause of an increase of infections; whether it’s altruistic or avoiding bad PR, they are trying to be compliant with guidelines.

As per many doctors people should be rethinking their 2020 holiday plans.


Even if the family dinner results in death?


Refusing to abide by measures designed to guard the public health from a deadly and highly contagious virus should be considered a criminal act.

I find having or hosting gatherings during a pandemic to be highly offensive.


Offensive to who? A family dinner that can kill not only its members but also spread a terrible infection to others isn’t offensive to you?


They aren’t the same. But a host providing the safe space to do the things that shouldn’t be done is the same. Hosts often express concerns about possible sex trafficking, prostitution, and drug use in their airbnbs. It makes perfect sense to have concerns about people who are facilitating the spread of coronavirus. It also makes sense that governments have to regulate it because people won’t voluntarily do the right thing.


Virus trafficking…?



I’m offended by:

  • spreading of disease
  • disregard of laws and rules

Lastly I’m offended by hosts who condone and try to justify such practices and who have no sense of the ramifications to OTHERS by facilitating the spread of Covid19 for their own SELFISH monetary reasons


No, your not selfish, you’re a twat.



Thankfully we find something to agree on! Happy Sunday!

How do you know they are healthy families? Are you requiring Covid tests before the large gatherings? Are you requiring 14 days of quarantine?

As stated earlier, no matter how clean and sanitary your place is, that doesn’t stop your guests from infecting one another, or those they interface with. This is the point you REFUSE to accept. There are reasons schools have been closed, and people have been working from home.

Take heed from the Fusco family. Missing one family thanksgiving in 2020 is a far better alternative than never having another thanksgiving.


I guess I’ll go back to sex trafficking. It’s safer.

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