Airbnb and their silly suggestions

What is it with Airbnb and their automated messaging? Just received a message telling me how important it was to communicate with guests and that I should send mine a message to see how they were enjoying my listing…really?

I am sitting next to them sharing a glass of wine together…so they might think it rather odd :slight_smile:

Surely their software should be able to pick up whether a listing is a shared property or not :frowning:


Just not that smart. Let’s face it. The software is only as smart as the programmer. These kids don’t really understand the nuances of the listings. And evidently, the team leaders don’t either. Low level programmers are not the ones deciding what features would be valuable to the community.

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I am beginning to resent all their nanny interference. Isn’t it enough that they made more money off us than they deserve to?