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Airbnb algorithm


Hi everyone!

I am having some problems on how to stay on top in the listings in my city.
Yesterday I was on the very top. Today I am down to #16.
Got no clue what is happening.



Hi Bjorn,
Airbnb has an algorithm that they used to calculate rank so it can’t be bought.
It is based on a number of factors. The fastest litmus is to take a look at your current status towards achieving superhost status. This usually gives you an idea of some immediate items that you can work on. In addition, how long have you been a host? I highly recommend taking a course to catch these types of issues early. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time in trial and error. I suggest taking LearnAirbnb course. It’s the #1 course in the world.
That’ll save you some time and stress.


Hi Bjorn
From what I have worked out, it’s got alot to do with dates that people are searching for and your availability as well as responsiveness. I was right at the top from the moment I listed which makes me think new places go to the top of the list too. As I get to having only one or two days available in a month, I drop down the list.

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