Airbnb actually deleted an unfair review!

I wanted to share the news! Airbnb actually agreed to delete a bad review that a guest left. All I had to do was call up and say that I was hoping that I could get the review deleted and that I thought it might be retaliatory. The rep (American) put me on hold for a few minutes then came back and said they would remove it. My review will stand.

It’s so important to plan out what I’m going to say before calling Airbnb, and say it in a calm, polite, and friendly manner. Make the rep’s life easy by clearly telling them the situation and what action you want and it’ll be smooth.

This was a group who allowed an extra 3 guests to stay at my whole home rental without notifying me or asking permission. I caught them on my Ring Doorbell cam; I’ve started counting guests because we’ve had issues with possible extra guests in the past but this is the first time I’ve caught someone red-handed. I told her about it and charged $50 each for the extra guests (for one night) which she paid.

Overall Rating: 1 star
Public Review: I was disappointed when I found everything done with computers and no host was there like other Airbnb.

(I live off-site but do have a local co-host who lives nearby. Check in is via keypad which most people love)

Accuracy: 4 stars
Communication: 3 stars
Value: 2 stars
Check-In: 5 stars
Cleanliness: 5 stars
Location: 5 stars


I would love to see the message exchange you had with the guest - I’m guessing it contributed enormously to the CS rep taking the review down.


Glad it worked out for you and Airbnb was able to support you.

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Glad that Airbnb helped you!

Airbnb deleted an unfair review that we received, too. The review said that we didn’t tell the guests we had dogs until the day they were to arrive. They canceled two hours after check-in time, and their review (days later) complained that we wouldn’t give them any refund. They also said they messaged us through Airbnb in advance to say why they were canceling.

Well, Airbnb could see that: (1) Our listings both talk about our dogs in multiple places and include photos of our dogs. Our house rules require them to acknowledge that we have dogs. (2) My message sent through Airbnb on the day of their reservation (two weeks in advance of their arrival date) repeated that we have dogs. They didn’t respond to it—probably didn’t read it. (3) They didn’t message us through Airbnb about cancelation. (4) We have the most liberal cancelation policy, but we don’t refund on the day of arrival—especially not when we have no idea why the guest canceled. We didn’t know why until their review came through.

So Airbnb removed their review and their paltry 1 star ratings.

My rating of the guest, saying very brief, factual things about what happened, remains. Poor communication is one thing I remember mentioning.

Airbnb has been really helpful to us every time we’ve had an issue.


It’s definitely worth celebrating. I’ve had a blatently unfair review allowed to stand against me. Your corres with the guest definitely played a very big part.


Thanks very much!