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Airb "permanently deactivated" my account-?

Hello Community, Thank you So much for any helpful advise.

I’ve been a successful AirB host, with primarily superhost status, long term license only, for over 100 happy guests in my home for over 6 years. I was referred a Horrific tenant, Louisa, from an "overbooked"host. Louisa succeeded in lying and fueling Airb to “permanently deactivate my account”. This is my income, gone. I have a hefty mortgage. Airb further has discontinued me from contact. Any suggestions (other than the other sites? they simply havent been effective) . THANK YOU for your help and advise. Cheers!

I’ll be watching this. Seems like would be more back story to help explain this.

If you do longish/short term, 100 in six years, is CraigsList on option?

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Where’s @PuppyLover?


Is this a response to my question? If so Thank You, but it does not seem appropriate nor addressing.

I think he was suggesting that the arithmetic doesn’t bear out your claim, and that there is deffo a back story here.

Over to you.



What do you consider a “long term” guest? 1 week? 1 month? 6 months?

The math for 100 long term guests (for this forum it means over 1 month) doesn’t make sense. Six years is 72 months. That would mean you would have to be fully booked every 30 days for a lot longer than 6 years. Unless you’re counting couples and families in your # of guests?

What’s the story behind Louisa? What does “primarily superhost status” mean?


Thank You, how do you suggest i proceed?

What was the issue with the horror tenant?

I don’t. Not without the full story.



So sorry this has happened. It would be helpful to know the story. Has anyone been in contact with you from Air? Post on social media to get Airs attention. They respond to complaints.
Good luck. Hopefully they will reinstate you.

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There has to be more to this than what the OP posted at the top. The guest math doesn’t add up unless the “tenants” were multiple month stays. Plus… One bad “tenant” – we normally refer to them as Guests, @CindiSunshine – will NOT cause Air to de-list you unless there was proof that you did something really major – like written proof that you use racial slurs or discriminatory language for example.


What a weird thing to post.

They’ll delist you immediately and without proof, investigation or appeal. Just based on the guest’s say-so.


My suggestions:

Document all your attempts to get the guest to recant her story and your written communications to Airbnb about the problem.
Next either:

  1. Open an arbitration case against Airbnb, the company to file with is listed in the Terms of Service. I think it’s the AAA in New York.
  2. OR file a lawsuit (yourself) listing Airbnb and the guest as joint tortfeasors. Do not go to Small Claims Court, go to the next highest court in your state that permits discovery and for the judge to order your reinstatement, so you can get all Airbnb’s internal correspondence on this case, which will nail down their clown show lack of due process. Once you have filed, seek an injunction for reinstatement from the court. This is separate to, and faster than, the hearing that will take place on your lawsuit.
  3. OR Hire an attorney and have them contact by mail Airbnb Legal on Brannan St. in San Fran, noting that you intend to file suit if this matter cannot be settled. And then the attorney can follow step 2.

I would just open new account . Now you have nothing…at least it’s better to have new account with no reviews than nothing .
I had complains on me twice . One couple that I kicked out and then someone I don’t even know who believe it or not who claimed that a naked man came out of bathroom and was standing in a hallway. At that time only man who was in a house was my husband. And a person claimed that it was at night when we were sleeping . Also the bathroom.was on a first floor he came out of and we only use upstairs bathroom . Mystery remains but Air actually suspended my account for 2 weeks because of it. I called and tried to reason…it was useless. They wouldn’t even tell me who it was to this day. I decide not to wait any longer and created new account. Ironically after that I didn’t rent a single day with Air . So it sits there waiting for high season . They opened my old account eventually.

That was me, sorry.




It might as well be…


The details would be useful to other hosts. We know that Airbnb will deactivate your account for several reasons, including discrimination, sexual harassment, undisclosed cameras, undisclosed weapons to name a few. There’s no diligence on Airbnb’s part to get proof. Airbnb believes they are protecting the person who reported the issue by not telling you who reported it or what was reported. And they are simply saving money by just refusing to communicate with you about it because they don’t have the resources to investigate and they know absolutely everyone would argue. You can try to get their attention on social media, but if that doesn’t work, your only other recourse with Airbnb is arbitration. If the guest lied and you can prove it, you can sue the guest for damages, but that’s costly and time-consuming.

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If they’ve shut down communication, the steps PuppyLover suggests are your only recourse.

Airbnb doesn’t care about due process; once they’ve made a decision, it’s hard to get them to reverse it without court action.

I’d personally find other avenues for rentals, Craigslist, tourism bureau, event coordinators, HR departments of companies in your area rather than this hail mary move seeking a court injunction.

Or do like Yana suggests and start a new profile.


In my case I don’t even know who guest is.

This is the rub. If they can’t investigate, or more precisely, won’t bother because they think it costs too much, they really should throw the Terms of Service out the window, since anyone can allege anything. In theory, I could report bogus allegations about every other host in my market, get them run out of business, jack up prices and have my pick of guests.

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