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Air vs hotels in Greece: Market stats

I’m not in Greece, or in Europe. But I came across the article on a Greek business site. If anyone here is interested, there’s some interesting stats here about hotels vs STRs, and the distribution.

Whenever its safe to cross the pond again, Greece is on my list, along with Spain @JohnF.

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There is a new local tourist regulation coming for Jerez next year, applicable only to visitors from Alaska. In addition to a neg PCR, 2kg of venison fillet, 2kg of loin and 2kg leg steaks are required before you can get in.

If you need any help with sourcing the dry ice, just let me know :wink:



I don’t think they’re letting home processed foods through these days. A friend in Italy shipped me a tin of olive oil from her grove that was shortstopped for agri inspection. If she had labeled it with a commercial label and given the origination mark she was entitled to use it might have come through.

So sorry, no home smoked Sockeye salmon or black bear bratwurst for you, at least for the foreseeable future. You need to come here and catch your own salmon!

And we’ll require a nice half-case of the finest product of Jerez’s cellars and a positive PCR test for entry. :wink:

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I’ve heard that dry ice is going to be in demand…


That’s an easy one to fulfil :wink:

I’ll pop next door and make sure they’re keeping the stock levels high enough…


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