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Air stripped me of my badge - I guess I should be crushed

I am listed on multiple sites and apparently didn’t bring Air enough revenue - so I have been demoted now :sob:

Good thing I got my free mattress when I had my special badge…lol.

This quarter, you didn’t qualify for Superhost status. We know that’s disappointing, and you might miss that Superhost badge for a little while. But you know what it takes to deliver exemplary hospitality to guests — and we know you can do it again.
Your status is re-evaluated every quarter, so keep an eye on your host dashboard, and focus a little extra energy on the following Superhost standard(s):
Hosting Experience: Host at least 10 trips within the last year

We hope you’ll be back as a Superhost soon.
The Airbnb Team

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Hi @cabinhost,

What proportion of your bookings comes from Airbnb currently?

I don’t the know the exact percentage but these are the most recent through Air:

1 week over Christmas
1 week over New Year’s
A 2 day in February


1 week in July
1 week in July/August
4 days in August
6 days over Labor Day weekend

Current guests are through Vacation Home Rentals. On Sunday new guests will be through VRBO

Hi @cabinhost,

Oh, sounds like you aren’t relying that heavily on Airbnb any longer. Probably a good thing. So no Airbnb rentals in March, April, May, or June?



My website
My website - Inquiry originallly through Flipkey but then the guy found my website

I think VRBO - I forgot to note on my calendar

My website



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HI @cabinhost,

It sounds like you’re very sensibly spreading things out. I’ve considered using booking.com, but the idea of using their Instant Book-like system gives me a stomach ache.


And the bookings seem to come in waves from the different sites.

I wish more people would book through Vacation Home Rental as (at least for now) there is no silly response rating, blocked phone numbers, emails, etc. Just regular old listing site. They had a special offer after a bunch of people got pissed with Homeaway changes. I was able to get a year listing for $269.10. I don’t expect it to be that cheap next year though. But at least guests coming through that site are not charged traveler fees.

If I solely relied on Air for all bookings then I would be forced to reduce my rates.

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I’m not really aware of Vacation Home Rental. I must check it out. Though if they have a listing fee, it will probably be too expensive for me.

I just received superhost badge today lol
It’s kinda nice, but a tad stressful, as expectations are even higher :wink:


It might also be catered towards people wanting to rent a whole house. I really don’t know as I haven’t poked around much.

Is AirBnB the only site where hosts can live in the listing?

No, other sites are now allowing it to compete with Air. But they still mostly have whole homes.

Thank you! I thought that was the case. I know some of our Guests do not realize they have chosen a private room listing.

which site are they coming through?

We get booking from both listings. Both are listed as private rooms

Maybe I misunderstood your question earlier. If you are on Air and people are thinking they are renting a whole home…then they just aren’t reading the description.

If you are on let’s say VRBO then confused guests still aren’t reading the listing. However, because so many users of that site assume it is only whole homes (that’s what it used to be)…they might have just looked at the pics and assume they were getting the whole space.

Hi @cabinhost,

According to https://www.vacationhomerentals.com/faq.html#6,

Our annual subscription fee for vacation rentals is $399 per listing.

Too rich for my blood. You’d have to making a lot more money than I am to think that worth it.

I did hear that the price went up from the special rate. Time will tell if I renew at that new rate though. If I get some bookings where I can demand check payment then that saves the 3% from Air.

Renting out just a room that doesn’t bring in a lot is probably best listed on VRBO pay per booking or Flipkey pay per booking. No annual subscription. Then increase your rate depending on how much each site charges you.

When I open dates on Booking.com I increase the rate by 15% most times.

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I hear a negative comments about Flipkey here. Sounds like it is working for you, though.

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