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Air Bnb Overrides my cancellation Policy and gives guest full refund


It sounds as though the car alarm issue is normally fine in her listing! Seems like the guy was just trying to get a free stay/refund he wasn’t entitled to because he could stay at a friend’s house. We should object to that on principle.

Luckily I have never had problems with someone’s car alarm, but if I did it would be thumbs down. I don’t expect to have to put anything about car alarms in my listing, it should be covered by common sense and existing quiet time rules. My neighbours have work, school and businesses to take care of, no space in our lives to be woken up by car alarms or any other guest noise problems. No wonder Airbnb is banned in some districts if guests cause problems.


Thank you Jess for understanding. I love you for understanding. Wooohoo!!


You are right. I should put "please flush"after pooping and many other stupid rules filled with a 2 page all over the house. How much can you put in the house rules. As this was not something that is an issue its more as a courtesy for other guests staying as well. Seems like guests maybe walking all over you. Sorry about coming out rude but it seems like you dint get the whole concept of the post. A 40 year old male that is staying in the room for 2 nights is super uncomfy. Mentions he will out mostly as his friends are all over the island and will be here only to sleep and is super greatful while checking in. Does this after staying 1 night. Just mention this at that time. I’m uncomfy to airbnb and book another Bnb. But No, THE CAR ALARM WAS AN EXCUSE. Its difficult for you to understand I guess, your guests may be pooping all over you making us normal hosts look bad by going overboard for your guests.


I think the car alarm thing was confusing. I’ve read the explanations and the idea is just foreign to me. Where I live I’ve never been woken up by a car alarm, but we have 3 set in our driveway alone. But if that was the issue that made the guest uncomfortable, he should have left sooner.

That said, I do agree that the 3rd party guest shouldn’t just be able to leave and get a full refund. This all could have been avoided by not allowing a 3rd party check-in. But the OP allowed it and got run over. I’m glad a refund was received in the end. I just think that the original post was confusing and there are maybe some cultural things at play here that most of us aren’t getting.


Why even the subject of the car alarm came up is confusing me, now my truck does not have one but the door locks stopped working 5 years ago. I assume most of my Guests vehicles do and can not remember the last time this was an issue, if ever.

Sounds like there was confusion all around which probably was a factor in the refund.



Oh, does she mention that guests need to disable the car alarms in her listing? Because thats exactly what l was suggesting.
If a host has a peculiar request (peculiar because as evidenced in this thread, many people have NEVER heard of disabling your car alarm and/or wouldn’t do it), then to avoid problems, its a good idea to have it in your listing…Blockquote


If a car alarm is faulty and going off for no reason it would probably be best to disable it by removing the fuse from the fuse box. If the car alarm is fine and doesn’t go off in the slightest breeze etc then there’s no problem is there? It’s a guest’s responsibility to ensure their alarm does not disturb others. If they have a dodgy alarm perhaps they should raise the issue before booking somewhere!


Oh for pity’s sake. Some of you people are all about the house rules. Most of life and the most Airbnb listings did not really work that way. There’s no way on earth most of us want to have three pages of house rules which makes it more and more likely that no one will read even one of them. I keep my rules short and sweet and to the point about the most important things and deal with small issues in a small way like any normal people would expect. It was a completely reasonable request I think. The man’s response wasn’t. And Airbnb’s part was terrible.


Hmmmm, you could have made a decision RIGHT THEN when they asked for it? And you turned away from this to watch a movie? YOU are the rude one - blowing off airbnb and the guest when ll you had to do was make a decision.


And some people just repeat the same thing over and over. LOL. Winky face. Teasing.


House rules are 75% about having something to point to when Air CSX says “well do you have a rule AGAINST Satanic rituals in the living room at 4 a.m.? If not I’m afraid we can’t do anything about that.”

(Also you might keep your rules short and sweet, but you’ve double-posted most of your sentences … as K9 notes)


BTW, I see a lot of listings, both checking out my competition and using Airbnb as a guest. I find that the overwhelming majority of listings are short and sweet. Not only are there not long lists of dos and don’ts, there is precious little description of the space. Some have minimal photos. And some of these listings have dozens of 5 star reviews. I prefer to know what I’m getting in advance but a lot of people apparently don’t care. I do find lots of rules, long listings with too much info to be a turn off. If I am trying to decide between two listings and I need a tiebreaker, the shorter listing and rules says “easy going host.” Most important to me are plenty of 5 star reviews.


SO strange. I have no idea how my post duplicated itself like that. Phones do strange things sometimes. I fixed it now I think.


Yep, both posts are fixed. Lots of strange things going on. I’ll delete my post as it’s no longer relevant.


Outside the usual tick boxes the only rule I have is no leaving dogs behind, never occurred to me I would be rerated as a kennel until I was.

We all know that very few guests seem to read anything, they usually look at the pictures.


This is an old thread but I have to say that i think you may be just as confused as everyone else in this thread about her vague references to the car alarm issue.
She doesnt state that this is a clear rule in her listing.
Note that she doesnt even say that the car alarm went off on this occasion. She says that “in the past” (with previous guests) that this happened and that guests were woken up. She says the guy was told by her husband not to utilize it as he was on his way in from parking.
And lastly, she doesnt say the car alarm is "faulty"anywhere.
If you look back over this thread however, most people are just as confused as you are as to where she is coming from. And it appears that most people would be as weirded out or uncomfortable as this guest was.

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