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Air BnB in San Jose CA while living in a different state


About your area 180 day ST rental limit

—I wonder if 90 day or more rentals are considered long term?

For example if you have a 2 week break at the end of & beginning of season for your use, could you rent the interim 5 months to someone on Furnished finders & meet the rules?

They advertise as Travel Nurse housing but are open to anyone with 30 day or more housing needs. In my area I saw min 90 day rentals & min 180 day rentals and a couple of greater than 7 day rentals.

I talked to them about listing for my off season then my off season started booking…lucky me!

Oh dear. @JJpipit1
My mother, who was always right, warned that people who must tell strangers how much money they have:

  1. Don’t really have it
  2. Are in danger of losing it
  3. The money is so new, they don’t know what having money really means.

Old money is gracious & doesn’t brag to strangers.

You are more talented than to present yourself in a negative light to a group of strangers who you will probably never meet.

The EDIT button works great & is my friend. It can be your friend too.


@Annet3176 - Thank you so much! This is fantastic! I will check it out for sure!!

@Annet3176 This is tremendous insight. Thank you so much for taking the time.

Kind regards

@KKC- This is extremely helpful. Thank you.

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