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Air Bnb ABUSE- No Policies Against it!


Because money talks louder than bad words.


i would probably spank them, but there’s far too much interest in that.


Question though - when I read that so-and-so is recommended by xx hosts, am I right in thinking that so-and-so received xx thumbs up?

For example, I had a guest recently who had 16 reviews and was recommended by 12 hosts. (I forget the exact numbers but something like that). I didn’t read all the reviews but I assumed that it meant that of the 16 people who had reviewed him, four had given him a thumbs down. (And that percentage is okay with me).

Therefore, correct me if I’m wrong, assuming that’s correct wouldn’t the fact that not every previous host had given the guest a thumbs up would be a warning?


That’s my assumption.

It can also mean they stayed with the same host more than once. For example, the guest I posted about in my thread on reading reviews currently has 22 reviews and 15 recommendations. Those 22 reviews are from 20 different hosts. I can’t recall if we can skip the thumbs?

Since I cancelled on her she has 3 more reviews, 2 are good, one is from a host who canceled her before she arrived. It appears that she’s gotten a thumbs up even from the host who canceled her because she has 3 more reviews and 3 more recommended by numbers.

Honestly I might have gone ahead and hosted her the one night had I not had guests arriving for a 4 night booking the next day. I wasn’t willing to take the chance that she wouldn’t leave on time, leave me a mess and I wouldn’t be able to get the room ready in time. I have hosted other guests that weren’t recommended by 100% of their past reviewers and they were fine.

As an aside, one would think this woman would learn from the multiple complaints and change her behavior. Then again she might not be right in the head. I really don’t understand the multiple Airbnbs. She has been in El Paso since April, some hosts she’s stayed with multiple times. At the average rate she’s paying she could stay at the extended stay hotel near me for less. Maybe she sometimes sleeps in the car? I’m thankful that hosts reviewed her honestly and I now have her blocked.


Good point, I hadn’t thought of that.

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