Ahhhh…the things THEY see!

Home-share hosts have particular challenges- especially those of us who share a bathroom.

My recent young guests were very quiet. So quiet that I stumbled upon them in the bathroom one morning (they hadn’t yet locked the door where I enter from my room) - in my 67-year-old birthday suit (which, it goes to saybadly in need of “ironing”)



“It goes without saying”, is badly in need of ironing. I yelped, they jumped back, we all laughed.

After I reappeared in the kitchen, the young man emerged- barely able to meet my eye, and explained that he was helping her remove a spider from the tub :flushed:

I’m not sure which was the more uncomfortable for them - or the most embarrassing for me! :laughing: :rofl: :tired_face:

Can anyone top that for Most Embarrassing Hosting experience?

BTW, they left me a glowing review. Probably felt sorry for the poor old thing!

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That’s funny, Ruby. A bit of a shock all around, I guess. I have a bathroom that has doors on two sides- one opens into the guest bedroom, the other into my bedroom.
When I have no guests, I use that bathroom a bit- basically just to pee before bedtime and first thing in the morning. When I have guests, that bathroom is exclusively for their use and I lock the door to my room. If I didn’t lock that door, I could totally imagine forgetting I had a guest some morning when I was half awake and had to pee.

I have another bathroom downstairs that I primarily use. But I have a pee pail in my room if I’m too desperate to make it downstairs in the morning.

I once opened the door into the Airbnb room from my side of the house because I didn’t hear the guest arrive and no car was in the driveway. It was between 3-4 and check in is 3 so I was going to do one last check of the room. He was sitting up on the bed, feet stretched out, looking at this phone. He was clothed thank goodness.

I made an exclamation, backed out and apologized and also got a good review.

I’m much more careful now to check that the guest isn’t in the room by checking the cameras first. I had a lock on their side for awhile but I didn’t like it. I need to figure out another option.


I once had a father and teenage son sharing a room with a queen sized bed for several weeks. I saw the dad with his door open working at his desks and asked if he would like the sheets changed to which he said yes. I asked what would be a good time and he said now. I went in with my bundle of sheets, pulled back the blankets and son was asleep in the bed. The dad laughed. I guess he thought I might be able to get the teenager up. I have also run into a male guest in just his jockey shorts much to his embarrassment. I told him it wasn’t any worse than men at the beach in bathing suits. He had been here for weeks so we had a chuckle.