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Advised to check out a site called "HOUFY"? Has anyone tried it, if so, was it a good experience?

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We must have been typing at the same time. This is what I wrote in the other thread where you tagged me:

Actually, no need for @KKC to tag me here at all. @KKC keeps tagging me on Houfy posts…but then complains when I answer questions in the form of “Stories” I have written about Houfy as my blog posts on the free Houfy platform.
She thinks me recommending a solution to others who are looking for alternatives is me promoting myself, etc.

I have written many explanations about Houfy because I am not going to re-write 5 minutes worth of typing each time someone asks for my advice about Houfy.

KKC has mentioned those “articles” (stories) aren’t to be reposted here. It’s just too much for everyone.

Just join the Say Yes to Houfy facebook group if you would like more info about Houfy. No need to discuss the site here as there are a few out on this forum who don’t want the site mentioned. They want to stick to the same old posts.

See you on the other side! If you’re not on Facebook, then you will need to wait until Houfy is moved onto their own forum later this year.


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Alrighty then!.. Looks like I have stepped into some “sticky” territory here… I’m just going to slowly back away now.

I’ll check things out on the Facebook page as advised.
Thanks, @cabinhost.


@tom2 and @Cyn - Please stop allowing Helsi to go in and edit my posts.

@HostInTheGreatNW - Welcome, to the forum and all questions, sticky or not. I have our home on ABB, a site I built, Houfy, FaceBook and VRBO (taking a VRBO break though). If I can help with anything, please let me know. Happy hosting!

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Houfy fan. I listed, no bookings yet but I think it will come with time.

Btw I listed with Airbnb before it was so mainstream. Finding the next “groove” means slow or no bookings until the booking public find it.


All you need to know about Houfy is that according to Similarweb they don’t even get 5,000 visits a month to their website. Alexa also reports that they get very, very little traffic (they’re not as specific in their numbers though). So, good luck there! They exist in name only. They have a website, but it doesn’t have any visitors. So you won’t get any business from it at all.


I see what you’re saying @JonYork, but Airbnb started as two dudes renting out their air mattress to strangers for $20 bucks a night I believe.
That stated, I thank you for the information.
And no worries, I’m not going to de-list my $150K / year listings off Air and VRBO anytime soon… but I appreciate the “head’s up”.
(But I do enjoy a “underdog.”)


Hi @Caelleai
Thank you for the warm welcome!
So if I’m reading this correctly, you started/own “Houfy”?
My first question is… what exactly does “Houfy” mean? … For that matter, what does “Airbnb” mean?

Hello! No, I don’t. That was to read as two separate things. My site is _____ and Houfy is another site.

Houfy doesn’t win my favorite name award, haha, but it means HOUse For You. And Airbnb was supposed to be AIRBedNBreakfast. Not sure if Chesky gave people Air mattresses when it was his small platform originally? Lol

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Yes. They put air mattresses on the floor of their apartment. But I don’t think Airbnb was even the original name of the company.

Welcome! I’m on Houfy and I have received one booking. I think for me it was an easy option to join and I linked it to my google business site. I’m also on Airbnb and VRBO.


Hello again all. Thank you for your replies.
I’m curious, how do you “screen” people who want to rent your homes?
Also, how does payment work?
Lastly, I’m wondering about insurance. When I rent on Airbnb or VRBO and someone gets hurt, it falls under their insurance, but when we don’t have paying guests, our private insurance is in affect.

Hi @Caelleai. Actually, it did start with Chesky and his room Joe, renting out their San Francisco flat with 3 air mattresses to strangers.
They started a “blog” and added a map to it, which eventually turned into the Airbnb website.
It took them a good amount of time to become what it is today.

It’s a pity they’ve abandoned their Free Market beginnings which made them so successful and have become so dictatorial towards Hosts and so political in general.


Hi @MissMarple. Are you nervous about having strangers in your home?
Also, how did they pay you?
Thanks for your post.

I’m not nervous about strangers but I rent out a self contained apartment in our house so we are on site. We are wine country and we tend to get guests who want to relax and enjoy wine tastings - no crazy parties have ever happened at our place. We aren’t the cheapest place to rent and actually one of the more expensive vaction rentals. Direct payment is cash or e-transfer, I never got around to “Stripe” for credit card but then it’s never been an issue for guests. Commercial insurance.

Thanks for the great “first hand” experience comment @MissMarple . Our place is 7 bedrooms, 5000 s/f and rents from $600 to $1400/ night depending on the time of year/event.
No one is on-site with the renters.
I’ll have to look into commercial insurance I think.
I’m so sick of Airbnb, I’m not even including them in my upcoming advertising. Just HomeAway/VRBO, maybe I’ll be adding Houfy.com? We’ll see.
Thanks again!

Ohhhh no. Do not make the mistake of thinking AirBnb covers your property liability. That is not correct. The 1M host guarantee is for your property damage and it is notoriously hard to collect. If a guest hurts themselves on your property you could lose everything.


Hi @CatskillsGrrl I sent the Airbnb TOS to my insurance company and their lawyers checked it out.
I’m sure their lawyers can take on Airbnb. I wouldn’t be handling it personally, as in a “Resolution Center”, which as we all know, have become VERY hard to collect on.

I have $10 million insurance on top of the Airbnb Host Guarantee insurance.

But thank you so much for your concern, that is very kind of you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure they can, and you’ll wait twenty seven years for a partial payout.


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