Advice please, on managing a messy booking

The guest concerned booked both of my in-house listings a few months ago, comprising of three bedrooms - one two bedroom suite and one double room - for two nights for her and her two sisters. She somehow managed to book both simultaneously and only communicated with me, albeit briefly, via the suite listing. Until last night, I thought all three were staying in the suite, as she’s booked it for three people, and I hadn’t noticed the other listing was booked for one person, i.e. for four in total. I was very busy at the time and failed my due diligence mantra…

So, a sudden flurry of messages last night, all pleasant and no red flags until the fourth exchange, when she informed me casually that they were expecting their husbands to join them on the friday night, after finishing work.

In a nutshell, the current longstanding booking is for four guests x 2 nights, when it should be for three for one night, and six for the the following night.

I can’t get my head, which is full of cold, around how to advise her to alter the bookings(s) to reflect who is staying. It’s not going to alter costs greatly (that’s another story; Mr Joan is in charge of setting rates and We Are Not Amused…) but I want an accurate booking accounted for.

Suggestions warmly welcomed please!

I’d just submit a change in guest number to 6 and get the husband names and also change the price at the same time. Who cares if the men aren’t there the whole time?

Oh dear

That doesn’t sound pleasant. Hope you feel better soon.

If your accommodation can accommodate that many I would make it easy on yourself.

Say to the guests if they now want to amend the booking they need to go into the booking and amend it to reflect how many guests are in each room/suite for each night and you will be happy to approve the amendment.

And that if they want their husbands to stay they must make these amendments before they arrive.

They really should just have booked all 6 guests for both nights. We have visited our daughter in Maine and we included her on the entire reservation, even though she was only there one night. She still used towels and her bed would need turned over.

You still will have towels used for 6 and wear and tear on the home. Their effort to save a tiny bit of money that they should pay in my opinion has caused you unnecessary time and aggravation .