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Advice Please - Guest has not responded with Govt. IDs


I have instant book but request (in house rules) that Govt. Photo Ids must be sent for Booking guest and all others in suite. I have requested this information 4 times via Airbnb site and also a text directly to phone. Her arrival is in 2 days. I have informed her she will not get her check in code until I receive this.

I know she has received my messages because she has asked other questioned and paid a fee for a second bed.

I just looked at her Airbnb account and while she has been a member since 2016 she has no reviews.

I have strict cancellation so I’m not sure if I would get paid or not if I object to her arrival without the required info. I also sent an message to Airbnb to asked for help contacting the guest.

Should I ask Airbnb to cancel?
Should I request that I still get paid since she broke house rules?
Should I just let it go. (It’s only one night and they are checking in late and will be gone by 10 am?)

What would you do?


I would NOT ask Airbnb to cancel. I would expect that you will likely be forced to get the IDs in person when they show up. I wouldn’t let it go because if you are going to have it on your requirements, message the Guest 4-5 times and then let it go anyways you are just asking for trouble.


The problems with requesting id in person are:

a) I haven’t had a chance to look over and if I’m uncomfortable then I’m in person meeting them

b) It’s a Saturday night and they are not expecting to arrive until around 9pm and I don’t feel that I should have to cancel my plans because they can’t follow the rules. That’s one of the reason I switch to key code self check in.


Send one more request and be VERY clear that you need copies/photos of their government ID NOW BEFORE THEY GET THERE and not when they show up or they will NOT be able to get in . Use simple words and short sentences to make sure they can understand.


Good news - I just got both ids.

I sent her a text this morning (outside of platform) and also sent a message to Airbnb customer support.

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