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Advice on what to charge for hosting

Hello, I am new to co hosting and after a little advise on what to charge.
I have hosted my own place with Airbnb and had superhost constantly with great reviews.
I have now moved for a life style change out into a beautiful property which I get to live in exchange for managing the property and host Airbnb guests for the owner.
The upkeep and duties of looking after the property I believe cover my bored , I just need to work out what percentage to charge for the Airbnb side of things. I am responsible for all interactions with guests, cleaning, hosting and keeping toiletries and breakfast items well stocked .
Would love to hear from some of you of what you charge and any advice on this topic please.

Thanks in advance

I am in Mexico City and I do what you just describe but have a housekeeper who cleans the property. I charge 15% of the total rent for my services but I do not live on the property so I am not sure how helpful this may be for you

Hi Mel

This has been discussed quite a few times on this forum. You can use the search function to bring up previous threads which should provide you with some ideas.

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